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“Boss, please tell me.” Yu Wenhans smile looked even more friendly.

“Please be sure to make me look better,” Wei Wucai said.

“No problem.” Yu Wenhan thought to himself, “There are so many reminders, but the last one is the easiest to achieve.”

After all, Wei Wucai looked good from every angle.

Yu Wenhan waited for a while to see if Wei Wucai still had any other instructions.

But Wei Wucai urged him and said, “Why arent you starting”

“Can we start now” Yu Wenhan asked.

“Do you have any other instructions”


Just take the picture,” Wei Wucai said.

And so, Yu Wenhan took many pictures of Wei Wucai from different angles.

Wei Wucai then picked a few that he liked the most.

They zoomed in on the pictures to make sure that there were no details regarding the movie production process.

Yu Wenhan then posted the pictures.

“Our boss is working now.

I risked my life to take these pictures.

His account has nothing, but you can find his pictures on my account!”

Because this was a trending topic, many people started following Yu Wenhan and the others on Weibo.

All the fans were checking out Wei Wucai through his employees Weibo.

And so, the employees were gaining followers like crazy.

“Damn! Hes too handsome!”

“I remember now.

I heard that Ledepic More is going to be in charge of creating the special effects for Wu Mosens new movie.

Did Wei Wucai join the production crew because he is the CEO”

“Not only is he good-looking, but he also has strong technical skills.

What a supreme being!”

“Ah! A working man is truly charming! So handsome.”

“He is basically the male lead of a TV show! What kind of supreme being is this!”

Wei Wucai was very satisfied as he read the comments that were showering him with compliments and praises.

It seemed like no one objected to him and Yan Zhiqing dating.

“I am so jealous of Yan Zhiqing.

Why is she so lucky in life”


Yan Zhiqing is a winner in life! She was already ahead of us in the game of life at birth.

She is good-looking and can do whatever she wants.

And now, she is dating someone this excellent.”

“Being in that social circle, its easy for her to meet excellent people.

Even if we wanted to, its difficult for us to meet someone that excellent.

This is the reality.”

Yu Wenhan and the others saw these comments.

They couldnt help but turn to stare at Yan Zhiqing, who was currently filming.

Yan Zhiqing was still filming and had no idea about this.

She hadnt even said anything about this, but Wei Wucai had made complete arrangements regarding the matter.

And now, he had even arranged a boyfriend for her.

Yan Beicheng naturally saw these comments.

He was constantly paying attention to them.

When he saw the netizens comments, he was so angry that he immediately said, “Whats wrong with these netizens eyes Cant they see that Wei Wucai is putting up a pretense I told them that Wei Wucai and Zhiqing are just friends.

Why dont these people believe me!”

Yan Beicheng stared at Wei Wucais picture and sneered, “This boy is doing it intentionally.

Hes obviously posing for this picture!”

Lin Chu smiled and asked, “What did he say about Zhiqing”

Yan Beicheng hadnt told her about the conversation, but Lin Chu knew about it.

The girls had gone outside after lunch.

Yan Beicheng and Wei Wucai were the only two left in the RV, and Yan Beicheng must have asked Wei Wucai what he thought about Yan Zhiqing.

Lin Chu thought to herself that if Wei Wucai had hesitated or if he hadnt given Yan Beicheng a sure answer…

This sure answer didnt have to be affirmative.

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