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Wei Zhiqian was speechless.

Considering what Wei Wucai had said, there were so many ways he could roast him.

He didnt even know where he should start.

Wei Wucai had always hated it when people described him as good-looking.

He would never call himself good-looking.

But now, whats with this boastful tone in Wei Wucais voice

“Are you saying that you dont want me to ask the media to take down those pictures” After Wei Zhiqian heard that part, he thought that it didnt make sense.

According to Wei Wucai, those pictures had been out on the web for a while now.

Even if they removed those pictures, it would be impossible to completely erase their existence from the internet.

They had missed out on the best time to remove those pictures.

And based on what Wei Wucai had said, it seemed like he was not complaining about the reporters taking pictures of his face.

Instead, it seemed more like he was complaining about the incompetence of the reporters and how they couldnt even report to the public his identity and information.

Wei Zhiqian thought to himself, “You were the one who hid your information so well.

Considering your abilities, if a reporter had managed to find out who you are, that reporter would be hired by an intelligence agency and would not be a reporter anymore.”

“No,” Wei Wucai said.

“My employees have already revealed my identity to the netizens.”

“Eh” Wei Zhiqian thought to himself, “Are Wei Wucais employees this bold”

“Sigh, my employees caused me so much trouble.” Wei Wucai sighed.

His expression remained unchanged as he said in front of his employees, “My employees secretly went online and tagged my account.”

Wei Zhiqian was speechless.

The employees didnt even know what to say.

The wrongful accusation they had received was even worse than the injustice done to DouE, which was said to have caused snow to fall during the hottest month of June.

Was it a dog that had asked them to tag Wei Wucai on Weibo

Wei Wucai said in a helpless tone, “Its fine if they mentioned me in the post.

It was me in the picture and there is nothing to hide.

Since they mentioned me in the post, I will just admit it.

I might seem petty-minded if I denied it.”

“No…” Wei Zhiqian, feeling confused, asked, “Are you dating Yan Zhiqing now”

Wei Zhiqian hadnt heard about anything like this.

If they were really dating, could Yan Beicheng stay quiet

Wei Wucai felt speechless.

“No,” Wei Wucai said in a stiff tone.

Wei Zhiqian let out a sigh of relief.

Wei Wucai was younger than him.

If Wei Wucai managed to get out of the single life and Old Mrs.

Wei found out about it, she would end his life.

“Do you have anything you want to acknowledge” Wei Zhiqian asked perplexedly.

Its not like he was really dating Yan Zhiqing.

There was nothing Wei Wucai needed to admit.

Wei Wucai gritted his teeth and said, “Anyway, the netizens are suspecting my identity now, and they think that I might be piggybacking on the current trend.”

Wei Zhiqian was speechless.

“I have unapologetically admitted to it, but those netizens are suspecting that I am piggybacking on this hot topic.

I cant tolerate this,” Wei Wucai said.

“How can they wrongfully accuse me like this”

Wei Wucai felt that he had been wronged!

“…” Wei Zhiqian felt speechless.

He forced a cough and said, “Cough… So you are asking me to prove your identity for you”

“Can you bear to watch me being wrongfully accused” Wei Wucai asked.

Wei Zhiqian wanted to say yes.

After all, Wei Wucai was obviously putting up a pretense.

He obviously had a crush on Yan Zhiqing.

But he refused to admit this.

Did he think he could fool anyone with those excuses

“Actually, it doesnt matter.

You dont have that kind of relationship with Yan Zhiqing.

If your identity was revealed and this matter became serious, it might become difficult to put an end to this.

Wouldnt you say so” Wei Zhiqian laughed inwardly as he was saying this.


Stupid boy! Who did he think he was up against!

“Since the public has no idea about who you are, you might as well wait until this entire thing has died down,” Wei Zhiqian said slowly.

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