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Therefore, Wei Wucai was trending on social media as the “mysterious guy.”

By clicking all the other hot topics, they were able to see all the other articles about this gossip.

Wei Wucai checked all those articles and realized that no one knew who he was.

These reporters were weak!

Their investigative capacity was too weak.

“Boss, this photo was taken during noon today.” Hu Guangmo saw that both Yan Beicheng and Lin Chu were in the photo.

Hu Guangmo felt very suspicious.

Wei Wucai had never gone to pick Yan Beicheng up himself before.

He wasnt someone who could be so easily tricked as to have gotten his pictures taken.

Their boss was a very smart man.

He wouldnt make such a low-class mistake.

Therefore, Hu Guangmo thought that Wei Wucai had done this intentionally.

But he didnt dare to say this out loud.

He could only hint at Wei Wucai crazily with eyes brimming with expectations.

He really hoped Wei Wucai would say something.

But Wei Wucai was still reading the news articles calmly.

When he was done reading, he looked up at them.

He then saw five pairs of eyes staring at him like a baby staring at their mother, waiting for milk.

Wei Wucai felt speechless.

“What” Wei Wucai asked impatiently.

“Boss, what is going on with this” Hu Guangmo asked.

“Did you and Yan Zhiqing…”

“The netizens are very curious about me,” Wei Wucai said slowly.

Everyone was confused as they waited for the next sentence.

“Dont you guys know me well” Wei Wucai said.

“You know who I am and what I do.

You all know my name, my job, my age, and my relationship status.”

Wei Wucai pursed his lips.

Why werent these people understanding what he was trying to say!

“Since you know what others dont know, wouldnt you want to tell them” Wei Wucai gritted his teeth as he spoke these words, “Can you endure not telling them”

Did he have to make it this clear

Why couldnt they just understand what he was suggesting!

And be his considerate employees!

They had advanced tech skills and they were very smart.

Why couldnt they figure things out during critical moments like this

They finally understood what Wei Wucai was trying to say.

Yu Wenhan immediately gave Wei Wucai a thumbs-up and said, “Okay, Boss.

I understand.”

The others also understood what Wei Wucai had hinted at.

They thought to themselves, “If you dont tell us frankly, how do you expect us to know what you want us to do We cant guess it right even if you wanted us to guess.”

“Do you really understand” Wei Wucai asked doubtfully.

“We understand.

We understand.” Hu Guangmo nodded.

Then, the five lowered their heads and started typing furiously on their phones.

Yes, these techies werent very good at understanding their boss insinuation.

But they were very good at things related to technology, or even just typing on the phone…

They could type extremely quickly and accurately.

And so, soon, comments started appearing under those articles questioning the identity of the mysterious guy.

“Eh Isnt this my boss Boss, you are trending! @Wei Wucai”

The smart one who had tagged Wei Wucai was Yu Wenhan.

The others also proceeded to tag Wei Wucai.

“It is our boss.”

The netizens finally gained access to this “navigation portal.”

But when the netizens clicked on the handle that was mentioned, they realized that Wei Wucais Weibo was completely empty.

He didnt even have his own profile picture.

He was using the same profile picture that the application gave to new users.

He didnt even verify his identity.

His account had no basic information and no introduction.

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