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“Why Are you trying to get us to leave when we have just arrived” Yan Beicheng asked as he raised his brow.

“I am just asking,” Wei Wucai said.

“This place is far from the city.

If you are leaving, you will need to go early.”

Yan Beicheng sneered and said, “I booked a hotel room.

Its in the same hotel where you are staying.

We will be staying overnight, so we wont need to rush back.

We will just go back tomorrow.”

Wei Wucai felt speechless.

He realized that his beautiful wish of dining with Yan Zhiqing alone tonight would never be fulfilled.

“Dont you need to manage your huge company and properties” Wei Wucai asked.

“When I go back tomorrow, I can just go straight to the office,” Yan Beicheng said.

“You dont have to worry about this.”

Wei Wucai remained silent as he concentrated his vital energy.

With Yan Beicheng here, he never got the chance to sit next to Yan Zhiqing.

Earlier, when he was about to sit beside Yan Zhiqing…

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Yan Beicheng suddenly led Lin Chu and squeezed in between them.

Not only did he squeezed in between them, but he even brought Lin Chu with him.

He forced him to sit two seats away from Yan Zhiqing.

Wei Wucai wanted to sit on the other side, but Shi Xiaoya and Han Zhuofeng had already taken the seats there.

Shi Xiaoya and Han Zhuofeng were threatened by Yan Beichengs glare.

With Yan Beicheng here, they didnt dare to create any chances for Wei Wucai and Yan Zhiqing to be together.

If they were to do so in front of Yan Beicheng, they would be considered accomplices.

It was only noon, but Wei Wucai had already been treated like an outcast by Yan Beicheng.

He couldnt imagine what might happen when night comes.

Unfortunately, Yan Beicheng was Yan Zhiqings elder brother.

He was someone Wei Wucai couldnt provoke.

Yan Zhiqing didnt dare to eat too much.

She only ate some veggies from the bone broth soup.

She didnt even dare to dip the veggies in the sauce.

Yan Beicheng knew that this was what she had to do for work, so he didnt ask her to eat more.

During a situation like this, if it was known that she needed to control her diet, the act of nagging her to eat more would just hinder her from doing her job.

It would not be a supportive act.

Fortunately, although Yan Zhiqing had to control her food intake, she paid careful attention to her nutritional intake, ensuring that she had enough energy for her physical activities.

“When you are done filming, go back and ask the house auntie to make nourishing food for you,” Lin Chu said.

Yan Zhiqing nodded hurriedly.

“You have no idea.

I have been eating like this for days and I am suffering.”

When they were done eating, Lin Chu looked at Yan Beicheng and then glanced over at Wei Wucai before calling Yan Zhiqing and Shi Xiaoya to go on a walk with her.

She wanted to give Yan Beicheng the chance to have a good talk with Wei Wucai.

Han Zhuofeng, who had a good sense of judgment, went after Shi Xiaoya.

And so, Yan Beicheng and Wei Wucai were the only ones left inside Yan Zhiqings van.

“Why did you lie to Zhiqing” Yan Beicheng asked frankly.

Wei Wucai raised his brow and asked, “What did I lie about”

“Heh!” Yan Beicheng sneered coldly.

His expression was saying—What a scumbag.

Wei Wucai felt speechless.

“You lied to her that you dont like girls,” Yan Beicheng said.

“…” Wei Wucai gulped and said, “I didnt lie to her.”

“Are you not going to tell me the truth” Yan Beicheng said coldly.

“It was Zhiqing herself that thought so.

I never admitted to it,” Wei Wucai said.

He only told her that he had never met a woman he liked.

And obviously, there had never been a man as well.

Yan Zhiqing then misunderstood that he was not sexually attracted to women.

What could he do

“Dont be playing tricks with me,” Yan Beicheng said in a deep voice.

“I am not Zhiqing.

Dont fool me with the same trickery you had used on her.”

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