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This made it evident that the intention was to help paint a more favorable image for Yan Zhiqing among the cast and crew.

Since he had already made the trip here, he couldnt just do nothing.

So Fang Qiaohan then went to talk to the cast and crew.

When they heard what she had to say, they all thought the treatment they got from being in this group was simply great.

In the past, Han Zhuoling had treated them to a meal because of Shi Xiaoya.

There was also the movie emperor and empress, Gao Zishan and Gu Fei, who were impressive people who were never short of money.

They would often reward them with better treatment.

Now, because of Yan Zhiqing, Yan Beicheng also came over and rewarded them with better treatment.

They reckoned that by the time the filming was done, all the crew members would have gained so much weight.

Wu Mosen came over personally to thank Yan Beicheng.

“Young Master Yan, many thanks to you.

Youre too generous.”

“Its no problem.

I just found out that the cast and crew dont allow people inside the set in order to maintain confidentiality.

Director Wu, youve already broken this rule for our sake, so I feel very sorry about that.”

“Hahahaha, please dont say that.” Wu Mosen exchanged pleasantries with Yan Beicheng for a moment before leaving to busy himself with work.

Yan Beicheng then said, “Dont eat your diet meal today.

I ordered a split pot.

If you really have no choice, you can eat a bit of vegetables you have dipped in the bone broth.

Even so, it would be tastier than your lettuce leaves.”

“My older brother treats me the best.” Yan Zhiqing hooked arms with Yan Beicheng and smiled fawningly at him.

Wei Wucai raised an eyebrow, thinking that he had been just as considerate to her last night.

In the end, he bought hotpot for an ungrateful person

Wei Wucai was unsatisfied with being by himself, so he jumped out to boost his presence.

That was when they heard him say to Yan Zhiqing, “You just ate hotpot last night.

Will you be alright eating it for lunch today”

Shi Xiaoya sighed and lamented deeply that Wei Wucai deserved to be praised for his courage.

He truly was an extraordinary person for daring to directly challenge a potential elder brother-in-law like this.

As expected, a sneer appeared at the corners of Yan Beichengs lips.

He turned his head, and with a face filled with surprise and innocence, he asked Yan Zhiqing, “What You had hotpot last night

“Initially, I thought about how you love eating hotpot, so I suggested it,” Yan Beicheng said with disappointment and self-blame.

“I had no idea you already ate hotpot last night.

It seems I truly dont care enough about you.”

Shi Xiaoya was speechless.



Theyre all actors.

Yan Zhiqing absolutely could not bear it when Yan Beicheng was being like this.

She immediately waved with her hand and said, “Thats not true! I want to eat it! Older Brother, you know what I like to eat.

I can eat food like hotpot every day without getting sick of it.”

“Really” Yan Beichengs eyes lit up as he gazed at Yan Zhiqing expectantly.

Yet just after saying that, Yan Beicheng spoke dejectedly again.

“You dont need to say this just to comfort me.

Ill order whatever you want to eat.

We dont necessarily have to eat hotpot.”

Wei Wucai felt speechless.

This was his first time finding out that Yan Beicheng was so good at acting.

Yan Beicheng was truly a great actor who was being held back by his family business.

It was no wonder that Yan Zhiqing was able to become an actress.

As it turned out, it was all due to her innate talents.

Wei Wucai watched helplessly as Yan Beicheng, who clearly had not said a single bad word about him, suddenly made it seem like Wei Wucai had targeted Yan Beicheng.

Wei Wucai was angered into laughter.

He truly never imagined that there would be a day when he would fall into someones hands.

Even if the opposing party was Yan Beicheng, this was still something Wei Wucai had never imagined would happen!

“No, Im not doing it just to comfort you.

Absolutely not.” Yan Zhiqing shook her head continuously.

“Last night, I didnt dare eat a lot because it was a bit late.

I was afraid my face would be swollen today, so I was not at all satisfied by what I ate.”

Wei Wucai felt speechless.


She said it well.

It was as if he had wronged her.

As expected, Wei Wucai then received Yan Beichengs provocative gaze.

Wei Wucai felt speechless.

Lin Chu, who was standing by the side, quietly covered her eyes, feeling too embarrassed to watch this scene any longer.

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