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The reporter thought about it and realized that… Yan Beicheng had told the truth.

“We are all very good friends and normally behave like we are siblings.

In my opinion, its normal for them to have dinner together.

But who could have expected that some people would imagine something else because of just one picture” Yan Beicheng said.

“Do you mind giving us the identity of that person” Since he was Yan Beichengs friend, he must be extraordinary.

If his identity was revealed, this would be big news!

“Since Zhiqing didnt say his name, I am definitely not giving it to you.

This friend of ours became part of this gossip because Zhiqing is a public figure.

It is unfair to him as this happened because of Zhiqing.

“Both Zhiqing and I must protect our friends privacy,” Yan Beicheng said.

“Therefore, I am sorry, but I cannot give you his identity.”

At this moment, a reporter audaciously asked, “Since Young Master Yan is so protective of him, does this mean that you are supportive of Miss Yan and this guy dating You seem very supportive of their relationship.”

Yan Beichengs attitude had been very friendly.

But when he heard this question, he sneered and said, “I admire you.

As a reporter, you ignored the truth and twisted my words, making my answer sound like what you hoped to hear.

Powerful, indeed.”

Yan Beicheng glanced at him and asked, “Who do you work for”

The reporter felt that his heart had skipped a beat.

He muttered as he explained, “I am not… I didnt…”

Although no outsiders were allowed on the set, the person who had arrived at the entrance was Yan Beicheng.

The security officer thought that he wouldnt be able to make the decision to welcome Yan Beicheng inside.

But at the same time, he was scared to stop Yan Beicheng from entering.

While Yan Beicheng was stopped by the reporters, the security officer rushed inside to ask Wu Mosen about it.

However, at this moment, Wu Mosen was shooting a scene and watching the footage through the camera screen.

He had no time.

It just so happened that Yan Zhiqing was not acting for this scene and was resting at the side.

The security officer hurriedly told Yan Zhiqing what was happening.

Yan Zhiqing was speechless.

Did… did her brother really come to visit with his wife

Yan Beicheng was not an impulsive person, which meant that he didnt come here on a whim.

He must have planned this yesterday.

As though her butt was on fire, Yan Zhiqing stood up suddenly.

She had been telling herself that she didnt do anything wrong and there was no need for her to feel guilty.

So why couldnt she stop feeling guilty!

Yan Zhiqing hastily went to see Wu Mosen.

She waited for a while until after the scene was shot.

Yan Zhiqing then asked Wu Mosen, “Director Wu, my brother and sister-in-law are here to see me.

Since outsiders arent allowed to come in without permission, why dont I meet them outside”

Wu Mosen was not an inflexible person.

If he had been that stubborn and uncompromising, he wouldnt have been able to survive in this complicated society.

When Yan Zhiqing told him that her elder brother and sister-in-law were here, he knew that the visitors were Yan Beicheng and his wife.

Although Yan Beicheng did not invest in this movie, he was trustworthy.

He was not someone who had never experienced life nor someone who would show off whatever they saw on social media.

He thus said, “Since they are your brother and sister-in-law, dont let them stay outside.

Let them in quickly.

They can also take this chance to check out your work environment.”

He added, “Your filming site is rarely this close to home, and your brother rarely has the chance to visit your workplace.

Tell them to come inside quickly.”

“Is it okay to break the rule for us…” Yan Zhiqing asked.

Didnt they just kick Luo Qingxian out of the set

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