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Chapter 3097: Kiddo! Playing Such Tricks!

“Why Do you think we are just friends”

Yan Zhiqing suddenly started showing her impressive acting skills.

She first appeared disappointed, but then, her expression changed to indicate that she would remain strong.


I guess it was all in my head.”

Wei Wucai was so angry that he started laughing.

This girl was playing the blame game!

This was truly…

Wei Wucai burst out laughing.

This time, his smile felt warm.

His expressions genuinely projected the joy he felt.

Yan Zhiqing was stunned.

What was with Wei Wucais reaction

Wei Wucai then saw how much her facial expression changed.

As Wei Wucai looked at her, he felt even happier and was even more amused.

Why was this girl so amusing

What was her brain made of

However, Wei Wucai couldnt allow himself to lose.

He then responded, “So we are good friends again”

Yan Zhiqing was firm on not taking the blame as she replied, “What do you think”

Wei Wucai smiled.

Kiddo! Playing such a trick!

“I am a little confused.

At noon today, you told me that we are very good friends.

But when you were talking to your brother on the phone, you said that we are just friends.

But now, you said that we are good friends again.

I am a little confused by these changes.” Wei Wucai looked very gentle.

He looked utterly harmless.

However, his expression couldnt deceive Yan Zhiqing..

Yan Zhiqing was not credulous.

She knew Wei Wucai well and obviously wouldnt be deceived by his current facade.

Yan Zhiqing immediately said, “Of course we are very good friends.

I told my brother that because…”

Because of what Suddenly, Yan Zhiqing realized that she couldnt provide an explanation.

Was she worried that Yan Beicheng might misunderstand

But what could he possibly misread

They were friends.

There was nothing that could create a misunderstanding.

Yan Zhiqing pondered.

She didnt understand why she would feel guilty when she brought up Wei Wucai during the phone call with Yan Beicheng.

And so, Yan Zhiqing couldnt provide an explanation.

She gave up and said, “Anyway, we are very good friends.

This wont change anymore.”

Yan Zhiqing looked at him and said, “I wont change.”

“If your brother asked you the same question again, you wont change your answer” Wei Wucai asked.

“I wont.

I definitely wont,” Yan Zhiqing promised.

Actually, Wei Wucai was not very satisfied with her answer.

Why wouldnt she change her answer in the future

She had to change her answer in the future.

But Wei Wucai didnt say anything.

He gave Yan Zhiqing a smile and said, “Go in and get some rest.

You have to wake up early tomorrow.”

Yan Zhiqing nodded and said, “Goodnight.”

Wei Wucai then watched Yan Zhiqing walk into the room before he left.


Yan Zhiqing tidied up the room and went to take a bath.

She couldnt trust the hotels cleaning service, so she bought a disposable bathtub liner.

She placed the bathtub liner over the tub and filled the tub with water.

However, she really couldnt get used to not having an aroma diffuser in the bathroom.

She picked a bath bomb from the box and threw it into the water.

The bath bomb then melted very quickly in the water.

The bath bomb whirled around the water, turning the water into a swirling galaxy.

The colors were dreamy.

The sight of the water could make one feel immense joy.

Yan Zhiqing sat in the tub comfortably.

She lifted her and let out a sigh of relaxation.

She had no idea that Wei Wucai had rushed back to his room after he had walked her back to her room.

He rushed straight into the bathroom.

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