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Suddenly, Yan Zhiqing felt a little reluctant to support him for being gay.

Luo Qingxian didnt expect that she would be disliked to this degree.

Suddenly, she noticed that Yan Zhiqing was looking at Wei Wucai differently.

Luo Qingxian immediately took it seriously.

“Arent you making it difficult for both of our families You are not even willing to be my friend.

If my mom knew, wouldnt she think that you are looking down on me” Luo Qingxian said.

When Luo Qingxian faced Wei Wucai again, she seemed to have changed her strategy.

She no longer appeared arrogant.

Instead, she looked very obedient.

The tone of her words made her sound pitiful.

She sounded like she had been wronged.

Yet Wei Wucai ignored all her expressions and asked her impatiently, “So are you apologizing to Shi Xiaoya What you said earlier had caused serious damage to both her and her family.”

“I am not apologizing!” After Shi Xiaoya was mentioned, Luo Qingxians attitude became tough again.

“Who knows what she was actually thinking”

Shi Xiaoya thought inwardly, what evil thing did she do to Luo Qingxian

Why did Luo Qingxian harbor so much hatred against her

“Whatever.” Wei Wucai nodded.

Out of the kindness of his heart, he had asked Luo Qingxian to apologize.

He did it because his mother was a friend of her mother.

And so, he couldnt possibly watch her suffer.

If that happened and Madam Luo complained to his mom, his mom would then be troubled.

But this outreach of his was clearly not being accepted as kindness by Luo Qingxian.

And so, Wei Wucai decided not to bother with it.

Luo Qingxian did not expect Wei Wucai to let it go that easily.

He didnt seem to have the urge to fight for Shi Xiaoya.

With a defiant and smug look, she glanced over at Shi Xiaoya.

Shi Xiaoya rolled her eyes, unable to understand why Luo Qingxian would be gloating over this.

This literally had nothing to do with her.

“And now, lets discuss the identity of the person who brought you in here,” Wei Wucai said.

While Wei Wucai was saying this, Wu Mosen and Writer Hu were walking over.

Wu Mosen valued this movie greatly.

This was a movie that he was directing, and it was receiving a lot of public attention.

Many reporters waited outside the set every day, hoping for a chance to see any cast member who had had inadequate time to remove their makeup or change out of their costume.

This was their way to get more information about this movie.

And so, Wu Mosen didnt allow any reporters on set and was very strict with keeping all information locked down tight.

All the cast members were not allowed to leave the set with the makeup that was intended for the movie.

The cast members stayed on set every day.

If they ordered food deliveries, their assistants would have to get it for them.

When the cast members were done filming, they would have to remove their makeup and change out of their costumes before they leave.

They werent allowed to leave with their makeup and costumes on just because they couldnt be bothered or because they were too hungry or tired.

Keeping film matters confidential was extremely important to Wu Mosen.

To prevent any outsiders from getting inside, guards were stationed at the set entrance.

As for Han Zhuoling, he was an investor in this movie, so they couldnt possibly stop him from coming into the set.

However, Han Zhuoling had only come into the set on the first day when he dropped Shi Xiaoya off.

Since then, he had never shown up at the set again.

But now, Luo Qingxian, someone who had nothing to do with this movie, found her way in here.

Since when were they so careless that anyone could come into the set

It was unknown as to which person Luo Qingxian had bribed.

If they let this go easily, anyone would be able to enter the set.

In that case, most of the information on his new movie would be leaked before the release date.

And so, this was very important to Wu Mosen.

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