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Yan Zhiqing had used a powerful move.

Because of what she did, Han Zhuofengs expression no longer looked cold.

He smiled as he looked towards Yan Zhiqing.

He even winked twice at Yan Zhiqing and gave her a thumbs up.

Wei Wucai humphed inwardly.

Who did Han Zhuofeng think he was winking at!

In the beginning, when Luo Qingxian had slandered Shi Xiaoya and Wei Wucai…

Most people did not regard what she had said as true.

Wei Wucai was good-looking, but Han Zhuoling was good-looking too.

She would be a fool to not cherish a husband like Han Zhuoling.

Of course, Han Zhuolings ex-wife was a fool.

However, Shi Xiaoya didnt seem like a fool.

Therefore, the majority of the people here did not believe in what Luo Qingxian had said.

Still, there was a tiny portion of people who were happy to hear such things.

They discussed it at the side and were happy to watch another person experiencing misfortune.

But with what Yan Zhiqing had said…

Even the small group of people who had believed Luo Qingxian started doubting her.

It made sense.

In the beginning, Luo Qingxian was talking about the things that might be going on between Shi Xiaoya and Wei Wucai.

But she then turned and started talking about Yan Zhiqing and Wei Wucai being a thing.

Clearly, she had been making up stories that were not backed by any proof.


She thought that everyone in the world fancied Wei Wucai, and the thought itself was stupid.

Therefore, that small group of people no longer believed what Luo Qingxian had said.

However, even as she faced Yan Zhiqings question, Luo Qingxian remained stubborn, saying, “Even if you are dating Wei Wucai, it doesnt stop Shi Xiaoya from being in a one-sided love with him.”

“Are you not done” Before Shi Xiaoya and Han Zhuofeng could say anything, Wei Wucai took a step forward and spoke coldly.

“Who are you” Wei Wucai asked coldly.

Luo Qingxians face contorted and turned green and pale.

Yan Zhiqing never intended to give Luo Qingxian any respect.

She immediately burst out laughing.

Who cared if Wei Wucai was doing it intentionally or not!

Luo Qingxian had met Wei Wucai once.

Even Yan Zhiqing remembered Luo Qingxian! Yan ZhiQing didnt believe Wei Wucai at all.

With Wei Wucais brain, there was no way he wouldnt remember Luo Qingxian.

If Wei Wucai caught a glimpse of an ordinary passerby…

That passerbys face would remain in his brain forever.

“Wei Wucai, are you serious” Luo Qingxian stared at him.

She had come all the way here just to have Wei Wucai say that he had no idea who she was

“You really dont remember me Or are you trying to make me mad” Luo Qingxian took a deep breath and said, “You must be doing this intentionally.

How can you not remember me!”

Wei Wucai raised his brow and asked, “Who are you”

He paused and asked again, “How important do you think you are that I must remember you”

“You!” Luo Qingxian was fuming.

She glared at Wei Wucai intensely.

Her breathing became much heavier.


You said you dont remember me, right” Luo Qingxian was not afraid of embarrassing herself at all.

She took a step forward and said, “Let me tell you.

Not long ago, we met at Sheng Yue.

Your mother arranged for us to meet.

My name is Luo Qingxian.”

Luo Qingxian asked as she stared at Wei Wucais face, “Do you remember now”

Luo Qingxian had to admit that Wei Wucai was very good-looking.

The main reason why Luo Qingxian couldnt let Wei Wucai go was because he was very handsome.

The other reason was that he was a son of the Wei Family.

Because of this, she couldnt let him go.

Even though she looked down on him for being a “loser,” she couldnt help paying attention to him.

Because she had been constantly paying attention to Wei Wucai, she started to suspect the authenticity of the things that Wei Wucai had told her.

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