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Shi Xiaoya thought about it inwardly.

As expected, most normal individuals would not be able to understand Luo Qingxians thought process.

“She suspects that Wei Wucai had lied to her.

Zhiqings identity is no secret.

Everyone knows about this.

There is no way that Zhiqing, the sister of Yan Beicheng, would fancy a loser.

It could be possible that Wei Wucai is a very good guy who lied to her about his identity.

And now, she had missed a good deal.

“Previously, I attended the celebration of Jixia Academy.

She was my classmate.

She asked me about Wei Wucai and Zhiqings relationship.

Although Wei Wucai and Zhiqings interaction had become slightly different, there was no change in their relationship status.

“In addition, even if they were dating, I couldnt possibly tell anyone without their permission.

And so, I said nothing.

Yet she still asked me to look into it and I refused.

She then proceeded to call me selfish and say that I wouldnt even say yes to a small favor.”

Han Zhuofeng felt as though he had entered into a new world.

It was his first time seeing someone with such a weird thought process.

“Why should you help her” Han Zhuofeng asked, gnashing his teeth.

Shi Xiaoya rolled her eyes as she answered, “I already told you.

She called me again the day before yesterday and asked me to bring her on set so that she can visit Wei Wucai.”

Shi Xiaoya bit her lips before she continued, “Am I that bored If I brought her on set, Wei Wucai would hate me.

“I refused to help her and she said that I was a very bad person who wouldnt even do her a small favor,” Shi Xiaoya said.

At this point, even Han Zhuofeng couldnt help but roll his eyes.

“Is it your obligation to help her You dont owe her anything.

What makes her think she has the right to demand that! In addition, we all signed a contract.

We cant bring someone on set.

This is not a small favor.”

“Yes, that is what I told her.

She said that I could break the rules since I have Zhuoling on my side.

No one would dare to fire me.

But why should I help her with this and put Zhuolings reputation on the line

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“Therefore, I couldnt possibly agree.

She then called me cunning and two-faced.” Shi Xiaoya waved her hand and said, “She is too weird.

I have to stay away from her.

You too.

Dont get yourself stuck with her.

Otherwise, it will be very troublesome for you.”

Han Zhuofeng was already on the defensive mode as he rubbed his arm, feeling scared to even look in the direction that Luo Qingxian was located.

He was really scared that he might get tangled up with her.

The two dreaded any more interactions with Luo Qingxian.

But Luo Qingxian had no intention of letting them go.

“Xiaoya!” Shi Xiaoya and Han Zhuofeng heard someone calling.

It was definitely Luo Qingxian.

Shi Xiaoya was very confused.

Luo Qingxian had already fought with her on the phone.

Only a night had passed, but as soon as Luo Qingxian saw her today, she pretended as though nothing had happened.

She even called out in such a loving tone.

Shi Xiaoya could not do the same.

Even Han Zhuofeng looked towards Shi Xiaoya and asked, “Didnt you guys fight Why is she acting like this”

Shi Xiaoya sighed helplessly.

“I told you she has a weird brain.

“Lets just leave and pretend that we heard nothing.” Shi Xiaoya dragged Han Zhuofeng and started walking forward.

Obviously, Luo Qingxian wouldnt give up that easily.

If she was someone who gave up so easily, she would not have come looking for Shi Xiaoya repeatedly.

“Wait! Xiaoya! Xiaoya!” Luo Qingxian called out from behind.

Shi Xiaoya was not the only one who heard her.

Everyone else on set heard her as well.

With her pointed toe heels, Luo Qingxian adamantly ran towards Shi Xiaoya.

Shi Xiaoya wanted to run, but she knew that there was no escape.

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