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His lips were almost touching her face.

At this moment, his lips were right at the corner of her mouth.

The air that they exhaled mixed together.

It was as though they were going to kiss.

Them being so close to each other that it was almost intimate messed up Yan Zhiqings breathing.

Her eyes fluttered, showing how nervous she was.

The blush that had just faded crept up to her face again.

As Yan Zhiqing faced Wei Wucais perfect face, which was magnified before her eyes, she could no longer keep herself calm.

Her heart was beating faster and faster.

She kept her eyes downcast, but she couldnt help but notice Wei Wucais lips.

“What is it” Wei Wucai asked.

As though in a trance, Yan Zhiqing saw Wei Wucais lips opening and closing.

He appeared to be saying something.

After a while, Yan Zhiqing finally came back to her senses.

She finally recalled what Wei Wucai had just asked.

Yan Zhiqing quickly looked away, no longer brave enough to look at his face.

She glanced over at Wei Wucais earlobe, thinking that it would be okay to just look at his ear.

This would at least distract her slightly.

But then, she noticed that his ear looked very beautiful as well.

She had truly never gotten a good look at Wei Wucai before at all.

Now that she had looked at his face carefully, she realized that every feature of his face was beautiful.

Yan Zhiqing felt like she had gone dumb.

When Wei Wucai asked her a question, she wouldnt answer.

Wei Wucai was not impatient.

In an understanding tone, he prompted, “Zhiqing”

The two were so close to each other.

When Wei Wucai spoke, Yan Zhiqing could feel his breath on her nose and lips.

It was as though the breath he exhaled was kissing her lips.

Yan Zhiqings lips couldnt help but tremble.

It was as though Wei Wucais lips were on hers.

Yan Zhiqing pinched her palm.

She said inwardly, “This is your sister.

Your sister.”

How could she have such thoughts about her sister

She had never felt anything for him previously.

But upon the discovery of him being gay, she felt attracted to him.


In addition, even if she felt something for him, her feelings for him would go to waste as he was not attracted to women.

Yan Zhiqing kept her eyes downcast.

She couldnt understand why she would feel attracted to Wei Wucai.

“I just… I just wanted to ask…” Yan Zhiqing muttered in confusion.

Her voice was so soft that it was as though she was muttering to herself.

Nevertheless, because Wei Wucai was close to her, he heard what she was saying.

However, even Yan Zhiqing had no idea what she herself was saying.

She muttered slowly, pausing and continuing.

Wei Wucai remained patient as he listened.

The corner of his mouth curved up as he enjoyed looking at how absent-minded she appeared.

As he watched Yan Zhiqings mouth open and close, Wei Wucai took a big gulp of air.

Suddenly, he felt like putting his lips on hers.

Wei Wucai felt like he couldnt focus as well, which rarely happened.

As Yan Zhiqings mouth opened and closed, all the thoughts in his mind flew away.

He could barely hear Yan Zhiqings voice.

“All the teammates you train with are men, right”

“There is a girl,” Wei Wucai said.

“She is the only girl in the Hidden Shadows.”

When Yan Zhiqing heard this, she felt a little uncomfortable.

However, on second thought, Wei Wucai liked men, so why would she feel uncomfortable

However, the thought of that girl knowing Wei Wucai since he was young, and at different stages of his life…

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