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“None.” Yan Zhiqing already considered Wei Wucai to be her gay bestie.

Without hiding anything, she answered as she placed her hand on her chest, “No one has ever made my heart skip a beat.”

The moment Yan Zhiqing finished her sentence, she remembered how her heart had skipped a beat when she was facing Wei Wucai.

She had never dated before, so she had no idea as to whether that sensation was the feeling of love.

However, she had never felt anything like that before.

Wei Wucai smiled in satisfaction as he said, “Good.

We are both single.

We should hang out when we are free.

You might not have enough time to do that when you start dating.”

“No.” Yan Zhiqing patted her chest and said gallantly, “I value friends the most.

Others value the person they are dating more than their friends, but I value my friends more than the person I date.

Also, I am young.

There is no rush.

I still want to enjoy the freedom of being single.”

She continued, “As for you, you are not young anymore.” The moment Yan Zhiqing finished her sentence, she realized that something was wrong.

Wei Wucai loved men, so he must not have any thoughts about having kids.

It didnt matter as to when he dated someone or got married.

“Although you are single now, did you ever date anyone” Yan Zhiqing asked with a curious expression.

Wei Wucai smiled.

Yan Zhiqing trembled.

For some reason, she felt that Wei Wucais smile was a little cold.

She looked again and saw that his smile was still appearing warm and harmless.

She must have been seeing things.

She then heard Wei Wucais answer.

“No, I have never dated anyone.”

He looked towards Yan Zhiqing and said, “I have been training since I was young at the Mount Lan Compound.

I didnt have the time and couldnt bother to date anyone.

All I thought about was passing the tests and completing the missions.

Time went by too fast every day, and I was simply not in the mood to think about these things.”

Yan Zhiqing blinked and suddenly moved closer towards Wei Wucai.

The table was small.

The moment Yan Zhiqing moved closer…

Wei Wucai could smell the nice scent on her.

If she moved closer even more, he would be able to smell her breath.

Wei Wucai was speechless.

Because this girl thought he liked guys, she became so careless and even stopped seeing him as a guy!

Wei Wucai quickly narrowed his eyes.

He did it so fast that Yan Zhiqing did not even notice.

Suddenly, he moved forward while supporting himself on the small table with one hand.

This movement brought Yan Zhiqing even closer to him.

Yan Zhiqing was not mentally prepared at all.

Because Wei Wucai moved forward suddenly, Yan Zhiqing could not back away in time.

She could not help but widen her eyes.

Wei Wucais face was right in front of her, making every feature of his face appear bigger and clearer.

This time, the two were very close to each other.

They were so close that they could feel each others breaths.

Yan Zhiqing was so nervous that she held her breath.

From her point of view, her nose was almost touching Wei Wucais nose.

Actually, there was still some space between the two.

When Yan Zhiqing finally came to her senses, she hurriedly moved back.

She felt her face burning up.

It was as though her face had been roasted.

Before even giving any thought to it, she raised her hands and covered her face.

She felt her palms getting hotter.

Even without a mirror, she could tell that her face had become red.

Yan Zhiqing closed her eyes, refusing to accept this reality.

Did she really get turned on by a gay guy!

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