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Chapter 3024 You Two Are So Lovey-dovey!

“If the crew is filming a night scene, Ill have to follow them and stay there possibly until midnight or even until three or four oclock in the morning before I can get back.”

Shi Xiaoya continued, “By the time I get back, youll probably be asleep and may not be able to see me or speak much with me at all.”

She needed to start work early in the morning, at around five or six oclock.

“It doesnt matter,” Han Zhuoling said.

“As long as I know youll come back, my heart will be free from anxiety.

Even if Ive already fallen asleep when you return, Ill be very happy just being able to know youre back and that Ill be sleeping with you in my arms for a while.”

The more Shi Xiaoya thought about it, the better she found the idea.

Thus, the only regret she had about being here with the cast and crew for this period of time was now gone.

Being able to see Han Zhuoling every day meant her life with the cast and crew would no longer be difficult.

Instead, there would be something especially worth striving for every day.

It was not just Shi Xiaoya.

Even Han Zhuoling felt that they would have much better prospects this way.

With something worth striving for every day, it would not feel difficult in the slightest.

“Then you have to promise me something.

This place is truly too far away from the Han Corporation, so you must make sure to stay safe when youre on the road.

If youre truly too tired, dont come over,” Shi Xiaoya said.

“All right,” Han Zhuoling promised.

The two people had not seen each other for a day and two nights.

A while ago, they had been interrupted by Guo Yujie.

Now, the two people no longer had a sense of enthusiasm that made them feel impatient.

Instead, they wished even more to have a proper chat.

They had not seen each other for only a day.

To be precise, there was also two nights worth of time theyd been apart.

However, Han Zhuoling already felt like he had not seen Shi Xiaoya for a very long time.

Before this, he had never felt that there was anything he could talk with her endlessly for.

After all, having lived by himself these past two days, he had not had much to do aside from work.

Nothing new had happened to him, and nothing uncommon had happened at home.

So, he did not actually have much to tell Shi Xiaoya.

Yet the moment Han Zhuoling arrived here and met her, he suddenly had a stomachful of words to say.

Shi Xiaoya urged him, “Go and wash up first.

You must be tired from working the whole day, and you even drove such a long way to come here.

Go have a shower and relax a bit.

“Just as well, while youre doing that, Ill go back to the other room and pack up my things.

After all, am I not set to stay here from now on Since I have time today, I might as well pack up and move here.

If Im busy tomorrow, I might not have the time to pack up after I get back.”

“Okay.” Han Zhuoling had thought about it and agreed.

So he went inside first to have a shower.

Shi Xiaoya then went back to Guo Yujies place to pack up her things.

“Didnt you already take some things away Why are you still packing Guo Yujie asked in surprise.

When Shi Xiaoya entered, Guo Yujie was already on the bed.

With nothing to do, she was currently watching a television series on her iPad.

Shi Xiaoya smiled in embarrassment and said, “Zhuoling said hes not returning to that house until our work here is done.

Hell stay here with me, come over every day, and leave for work from here.”

“Aiya!” Guo Yujie teased.

“You two are so lovey-dovey!


I know, I know.

Then you should hurry up and pack.

From here on, Ill be able to have a room all to myself.

How nice,” Guo Yujie said with a grin.

Shi Xiaoya smiled and finished packing up her belongings.

She was afraid that Han Zhuoling had finished his shower quickly and was already waiting for her.

So, she also finished packing up particularly swiftly, impatient to return to his side.

Watching from the side, Guo Yujie said teasingly, “Those who dont know would think the two of you have been separated for a long time…”

It had only been a day, yet they were already like this…

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