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Chapter 3017 Be Good Sisters with Her

Wei Wucai sneered.

“Ill pay you back next time!”

“Elder Brother Xiao Cai, I am also a victim.

I didnt do it on purpose.

Who would have thought that Yan Zhiqing was so stupid” said Han Zhuofeng miserably.

“I clearly like pretty girls, but she guessed that Im gay.

If this goes out, how unlucky will I be!”

Wei Wucai shot him a glance.

When he thought about the fact that Yan Zhiqing thought he and Han Zhuofeng were in that kind of relationship, he immediately felt like he was on the edge.

“Keep your distance from me next time!” said Wei Wucai angrily.

Han Zhuofeng was speechless.

How about you get out of the car now

However, Han Zhuofeng did not dare to say this.

Then he heard Wei Wucai say, “Still not driving”

Han Zhuofeng felt that he should not be such a wimp, so he gathered up his courage and said, “Didnt you tell me to keep my distance from you”

Han Zhuofeng estimated the distance between the two with his eyes.

“It seems like were still too close now.

And were alone in the car…”

“You have so much to say!” Wei Wucai was extremely frustrated.

“Drive quickly! I am going to get back at Yan Zhiqing for what she has done!” Upon hearing this, Han Zhuofeng immediately became energetic.

He did not care about teasing Wei Wucai anymore, like when he was pointing out the fact that they were alone and were too close.

He instantly started the car engine and drove at high speed.

It could be seen that Han Zhuofeng could not wait to make Wei Wucai punish Yan Zhiqing.

Those who had had their orientation falsely misrepresented included the Third Young Master Han!

Han Zhuofeng asked excitedly, “Elder Brother Xiao Cai, what do you plan to do to Yan Zhiqing”

Wei Wucai did not answer immediately but asked instead, “Why did you stop calling her Zhiqing”

Han Zhuofeng chuckled in his heart, thinking that he was just calling her that in front of everyone.

Now that there was only Wei Wucai beside him, if he called her that, he would be looking for a beating

“Haih!” Han Zhuofeng lightly smacked the steering wheel.

“I feel that I have to keep my distance from her too.

She thinks that I am gay.

What if she wants to become good sisters with me”

Han Zhuofeng paused and asked, “Elder Brother Xiao Cai, you havent answered my question.

How do you want to deal with her”

Wei Wucai smiled slightly.

“By being good sisters with her.”

“Screech!” Han Zhuofeng was so shocked that he subconsciously stepped on the brake.

Wei Wucai was thrown forward.

Luckily, there were not many cars nearby.

As it was a suburb, it was not lively here.

Or else, Han Zhuofengs action would have definitely caused a traffic accident.

“What kind of driving is that!” complained Wei Wucai.

“Its all because I got shocked by you,” said Han Zhuofeng.

“You said it so suddenly without giving me any preparation.”

Han Zhuofeng looked at Wei Wucai with respect and continued to drive.

“Drive carefully, be careful,” said Wei Wucai continuously.

“Are you usually so reckless when you drive How will others be at ease if youre like that

“When you drive by yourself, are you this careless too Does your family know youre like that” Wei Wucai kept speaking.

There were no pauses in between.

Han Zhuofeng was getting irritated from his nagging.

Usually, Wei Wucai looked like a quiet person.

It was at a normal level.

He was not talkative, but he was not extremely quiet either.

However, once he started educating people, he was like a monk chanting.

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