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Chapter 3015 Wont You Have a Change of Heart

“I probably havent met one yet, so I cant say.

When I meet that person, I will know what my ideal type is.”

Han Zhuofeng said seriously, “Usually, those that you find will be different from the type you have in mind.”

Shi Xiaoya touched her chin.

If it was like that, then was she not Han Zhuolings type in the beginning

Shi Xiaoya decided to ask Han Zhuoling when they video called each other tonight.

Han Zhuofeng got past this question just like that.

Yan Zhiqing did not continue asking.

Anyway, she had already gotten the “answer” that she wanted.

At long last, this difficult meal ended.

When they were returning to the hotel, Wei Wucai did not request to sit in Yan Zhiqings car, which was unusual.

He took the initiative to say that he would sit in Han Zhuofengs car.

He even had Shi Xiaoya go with Yan Zhiqing.

Han Zhuofeng could not help but grab his collar.

He was certain that Wei Wucai was definitely not gay.

However, after being suspected by Yan Zhiqing, Han Zhuofeng felt that he still had to avoid him a little.

If he spent more alone time with Wei Wucai, Yan Zhiqing would probably think of something else.

She had such a wild imagination.

Why did she not go and be a scriptwriter or a director

Her being an actress was a waste of talent!

“Its not good…” said Han Zhuofeng, hesitating

He looked like a hurt little wife.

Wei Wucais eyes twitched.

His hands were feeling itchy.

Shi Xiaoya was a little worried about Han Zhuofengs safety.


Just as she was about to speak up, she was dragged away by Yan Zhiqing.

“Then Ill bring Xiaoya along,” said Yan Zhiqing quickly.

Shi Xiaoya was speechless.

Did Yan Zhiqing know what she was doing

No, Yan Zhiqing did not know.

Yan Zhiqing even stupidly showed an OK hand sign to Wei Wucai and Han Zhuofeng.

Shi Xiaoya smiled.

She felt that she finally learned today what “being dumb is a blessing” meant.

She watched as Han Zhuofeng was dragged into the car by Wei Wucai.

Satisfied, Yan Zhiqing said to Shi Xiaoya, “Xiaoya, lets go too.”

Shi Xiaoya secretly sighed, feeling exhausted inside.

She just hoped that Yan Zhiqing would not die a miserable death.


After Han Zhuofeng had been driving behind Yan Zhiqing for a while, Wei Wucai said, “Stop the car.”

Shocked, Han Zhuofeng looked at Wei Wucai, completely confused.

But he still obeyed and stopped the car at the side of the road.

“Elder Brother Xiao Cai, whats wrong” asked Han Zhuofeng.

“What do you think of Yan Zhiqing” asked Wei Wucai.


Shes just like a sister,” said Han Zhuofeng.

“Its not like you dont know that our eight great families are so close that were like a single family.

The siblings from different families are just like our own siblings.

“Elder Brother Xiao Cai, I dont have any other feelings for Zhiqing,” promised Han Zhuofeng.

He could even swear it to him.

Wei Wucai raised his eyebrows.

“Even if you do, what can I say”

What was there to explain


Even if Han Zhuofeng had no feelings for Yan Zhiqing, what he could not bear was that Yan Zhiqing had feelings for Han Zhuofeng.

Based on Yan Zhiqings actions today, she definitely had feelings for Han Zhuofeng.

“However,” said Wei Wucai, “it looks like Yan Zhiqing has good feelings for you.

“Yan Zhiqing is so pretty, and her personality is pretty good.

If she likes you, wont you have a change of heart” asked Wei Wucai.

Han Zhuofeng chuckled.

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