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“I feel that Old Madam is quite interesting.” Old Madam Han wanted to hide but in the end, she still showed some gaps, and when she showed some gaps, she hurriedly tried to cover it up, when she thought about it now, she still wanted to laugh.

“After the Old Madam went back, her attitude towards you was not as bad as before.

It could be considered that she has accepted you, but she refused to admit it,” Han Zhuoli said with a smile.

Lu Man had seen it long ago, Old Madam Han was all bark and no bite.

After finishing breakfast, Han Zhuoli sent Lu Man to the film set.

They stopped at the entrance but Han Zhuoli did not go in.

Inside, not only there were acquaintances like Sun Yiwu present but other people like Bai Shuangshuang were also there and Han Zhuoli did not want to be bothered by them.

Lu Man also had similar thoughts like him and upon seeing that Han Zhuoli did not have any intention of going in, Lu Man felt that this was better.

“Then Ill go over, today I dont have a lot of scenes, so I can come back home early,” Lu Man said and looked at Han Zhuoli, the feeling of being dropped off on the set by him was very warming.

Although the film set was not some dangerous place, the feeling of Han Zhouli dropping her off was incomparable to coming over to set alone.

He sent her, knowing that there is someone waiting for her, with him there, she did not need to be scared of anything, she had a good backing.

In the past, she did not have a dependent personality, she never relied on any person as her father did not care about her and her step-mother wanted to harm her.

Even her mother relied on Lu Man to take care of her.

Not only she had no one to rely on, but she also had to take care of others, hence no matter what happened she only had herself to rely on.

But ever since Han Zhuoli appeared in her life, he settled everything for her, and sometimes, he even took care of things before they could even trouble her.

He cared for her immensely and let her rely on him.

Be it her previous life or this one, she had never experienced such warmth and unconsciously, she began to rely more and more on Han Zhuoli.

But Lu Man was not scared of relying so much on Han Zhouli, because she completely trusted Han Zhuoli.

Just as Lu Man was about to get out of the car, she abruptly turned around and kissed Han Zhuoli on the lips.

“Ill go now.”

Only after seeing Lu Man enter the film set with his own eyes, did Han Zhuoli let Xiao Chen drive the car off.

Han Zhuoli was really very tired, thus upon returning to Lu Mans room, he immediately fell asleep.


Lu Man finished her work early today as she had very few scenes.

She finished filming by three in the afternoon after which Xiao Chen sent her back to the hotel.

Upon entering the room, she saw that Han Zhuoli was still sleeping.

He was really very exhausted.

Lu Man then quietly went to the bathroom and took off her makeup; the makeup she had put on for filming was really too thick.

She was filming a crime movie, and although it did not require very intricate makeup, her eyebrows were drawn very obviously as everything could be seen minutely on the screen.

Although it looked good on camera, in daily life, it looked too prominent and fake.

Today, she even had some special effects makeup of bruises put on her, but since she was in a hurry to come back for Han Zhuoli, she just wore a face mask and rushed back.

Hence, the first thing she had to do was remove her makeup.

After she finished washing her face, Lu Man did not put on any makeup.

She really did not require makeup at all, her eyebrows were naturally thick as if she had drawn them.

Her skin was white and delicate, totally smooth as silk.

Although filming was tiring, with Auntie Liu taking care of her nourishment, her face had a healthy glow.

Then, she changed out of her filming clothes into comfortable clothes and even when she came out, Han Zhuoli was still sleeping.

Lu Man walked over quietly, a bit scared that Han Zhuoli might be sick due to exhaustion, and thus checked his forehead temperature, and found that everything was as normal.

Seeing that his breathing was even, only then was she reassured.

Thinking about it, Lu Man took her phone and went out to give Auntie Liu a call.

Auntie Liu normally borrowed the hotels kitchen to cook for Lu Man, and just when Lu Man called her right now, Auntie Liu happened to plan on going to the market to buy ingredients.


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