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Chapter 2997 I Might Have Discovered Something

They would ask the makeup artists to do their makeup first.

Shi Xiaoya was mainly in charge of Yan Zhiqings makeup.

But other than Yan Zhiqing, she would also do the makeup of the side characters with other makeup artists.

When Yan Zhiqing came, Shi Xiaoya had just finished someones makeup.

“You came at a perfect time,” said Shi Xiaoya, smiling

“What time did you come” asked Yan Zhiqing, sitting down.

“Here since five,” said Shi Xiaoya.

“So early.

So have you eaten” Yan Zhiqing asked her.


Didnt have time,” said Shi Xiaoya.

“However, I took a packet of biscuits from the small bar from my room.

I havent had the time to eat yet.”

“I was worried that you havent eaten, so I asked Qiaohan to bring some breakfast,” said Yan Zhiqing as she sent Fang Qiaohan a voice message on WeChat.

After a while, Fang Qiaohan brought breakfast.

“Dont eat biscuits for breakfast; biscuits are too dry.

There are bread and salad here.

Although they are cold, they are easier to get down than biscuits,” said Yan Zhiqing.

“I even have red dates tea; its hot.

I will ask Qiaohan to bring it over for you to drink some.”

“Okay.” Shi Xiaoya did not hold back.

After Fang Qiaohan brought it over to Shi Xiaoya, she distributed breakfast to the others in the production crew.

They did not expect to eat breakfast when it was so early.

The production crew had ordered breakfast, and it would be delivered to them.

However, by the time it arrived, it would be past nine oclock.

It would be torture to starve for four hours.

They were surprised and happy to be able to eat these now.

They all thanked Yan Zhiqing pleasantly.

While Shi Xiaoya was doing Yan Zhiqings makeup, Wei Wucai came over.

There was a bag in his hand.

Wei Wucai put the bag on top of the table.

It sounded like it was very heavy.

“What is it” asked Yan Zhiqing, curious.

Wei Wucai took out two canned coffees.

“The circumstances are limited; theres no way of ordering coffee delivery this early.

Drink this first to wake yourself up and well order more later.”

He added, “I heated it up with hot water.

Now the coffee is warm.”

Although the weather was warm, it was already autumn.

And right now, it was still early, so the weather was cooler.

It was better if they drank something hot.

Even Shi Xiaoya did not expect Wei Wucai to be so thoughtful.

He even thought of this.

Yan Zhiqing felt even more that Wei Wucai wanted to become best friends.

The two thanked Wei Wucai, and then Wei Wucai continued to do his own things.

While Shi Xiaoya was doing Yan Zhiqings makeup, she asked softly, “Youre getting along with Wei Wucai now.”

Or else, given Wei Wucais temper, if he was really on bad terms with Yan Zhiqing, he would not have sent coffee, even using hot water to warm it up.

When Yan Zhiqing thought about this, she laughed secretly.

She could not tell Fang Qiaohan, but she could tell Shi Xiaoya.

After all, Shi Xiaoya and Wei Wucai were closer.

Their families knew each other, so it did not matter if she told Shi Xiaoya secretly.

Thus, Yan Zhiqing gestured with her finger, asking Shi Xiaoya to come closer.

Shi Xiaoya thought, did these two already have a secret

She leaned in closer and asked with an excited expression, “What is it”

“I think I might have discovered something,” said Yan Zhiqing.

Shi Xiaoya blinked.


As if Yan Zhiqing was doing something bad, she looked around carefully.

When she confirmed that nobody was eavesdropping on them, she told Shi Xiaoya softly, “I think that Wei Wucai might be gay!”

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