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Chapter 2992 Forget It, Forget It Quickly

So she did not see Wei Wucais smile.

Or else, Yan Zhiqing would definitely have been furious.

Wei Wucai also thought of that, so he immediately stopped smiling.

“Sorry, its really not on purpose.” Wei Wucai followed behind her.

“Youre still talking about it!” Yan Zhiqing finally raised her head to look at Wei Wucai.

She made a fist, as if saying that she would hit him if he continued talking about it.

Wei Wucai smiled.

What could Yan Zhiqing do with that little bit of combat power

Wei Wucai was not afraid of her at all.

He continued to follow her, explaining softly, “Its just that you went back into your room right after you saidmorning to me.

I was confused, so I waited outside for you.”

Yan Zhiqing was speechless.

But did he need to be so close to her

Yan Zhiqings thoughts were written on her


Wei Wucai saw through her with a glance.

“Its not on purpose.

I was just standing at the door; I didnt expect you to come out suddenly and I didnt have time to step back, so we touched each other.” Wei Wucai was lying through his teeth.

Obviously, he had stood so close on purpose.

He did not even understand why he stood so close; he just wanted to do that anyway.

Usually, Yan Zhiqing could definitely see through this kind of shameless lie.

However, as Wei Wucai was speaking softly, he was closer to Yan Zhiqing.

The two were almost touching.

Next to Yan Zhiqings ear was Wei Wucais low voice.

It sounded so nice.

Wei Wucai was totally using his voice to mess up her mind.

Yan Zhiqings mind was still blank, so she did not hear anything wrong with Wei Wucais shameless lie.

However, when Wei Wucai said that they touched each other, it simply meant that when Yan Zhiqing came out, she was trapped at the door by him.

But Yan Zhiqing coincidentally understood it as Wei Wucai accidentally touching her just now…

Yan Zhiqing blushed.

“Stop talking!”

She raised her hand to Wei Wucais face and swung randomly.

“Forget it, forget it quickly!” Seeing her reaction, Wei Wucai knew that she misunderstood him.

However, Yan Zhiqings reaction was too adorable.

So Wei Wucai did not explain and just enjoyed how Yan Zhiqing looked.

When Yan Zhiqing looked ahead with her red face, Wei Wucai asked, “Why did you hide in your room suddenly just now”.

The word “hide” was suitable to describe Yan Zhiqings actions just now.

Yan Zhiqing did not expect that he could see that she was hiding.

“Who hid!” said Yan Zhiqing stubbornly.

“I just forgot to bring something.”

“Ohhh…” Wei Wucai dragged his tone and looked at her meaningfully.

Yan Zhiqing was speechless.

Wei Wucai smiled.

Yan Zhiqing probably forgot what he did in the Mount Lan Compound.

With just these skills, she wanted to lie to him

Wei Wucai stopped talking and enjoyed Yan Zhiqings flushed face.

Yan Zhiqing was grinding her teeth.

This man thought that she was dead and could not feel his direct gaze

“What are you looking at!” said Yan Zhiqing, full of rage.

She was so angry that she was jumping.

She looked like an angry cat that wanted to jump up and scratch its owner with its claws.

Wei Wucai felt the urge to rub her head and smoothen her hair, which he had yesterday, return.

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