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Chapter 2991 His Throat Was Heating Up, as If Smoke Was Coming Out

Yan Zhiqing was really frightened.

Her legs were still trembling now.

Her heart was beating quickly too.

Wei Wucai was in a daze.

He did not expect that he would scare Yan Zhiqing.

Now, Yan Zhiqings face was pale.

As she did not have any makeup to conceal it, Yan Zhiqings pale face seemed even more obvious.

It could be seen that she really got scared.

Dumbstruck, Wei Wucai allowed his mouth to twitch.

“Sorry… I didnt think that I would scare you.”

Yan Zhiqing raised her head angrily; she did not care whether she would touch him.

Then, the action of raising her head indeed caused her nose to rub against his chest.

That light, warm feeling was like a shooting star, sliding across his chest rapidly.

Wei Wucai froze.

The place that her nose rubbed against was burning.

Then, he saw Yan Zhiqing looking at him in anger.

Wei Wucai felt that his chest, which had been rubbed against, felt like it was bumped by something

He raised his hand subconsciously and put it over his chest.

Unexpectedly, the two were too close.

When Wei Wucai raised his hand, the back of it rubbed against Yan Zhiqings chest.

Although it was a short, lightning-fast moment, both of them felt it.

Wei Wucai was in a daze.

He just wanted to press on his own chest.

He was not trying to be a jerk.

Who knew that he would accidentally touch it

It was rare for Wei Wucai to also not know how to react.

He did not dare to move.

Without moving, he looked down at Yan Zhiqing.

Wei Wucais mouth twitched and he said dryly, “Sorry.” His throat was heating up, as if smoke was coming out.

The heat in his throat could be felt from hearing him speak.

“Its not on purpose,” said Wei Wucai.

Yan Zhiqing was enraged.

Her whole face was so red that it was on the edge of exploding.

Although she often acted in movies, in reality, Yan Zhiqing really cared about this kind of thing.

During her debut, she had a good starting point; she acted in movies straight away.

And they were mainly big movies with the genre focusing on the plot.

Because of this, she had not performed a kissing scene before.

The most she did was hug someone.

Not to mention, her chest had never been touched by others!

Wei Wucai had just accidentally touched it for a moment.

However, Yan Zhiqing still felt like it was burning

And her back was against the door.

Wei Wucai blocked her in front.

Yan Zhiqing blushed and gritted out, “Youre still not backing off!”

Wei Wucai finally realized it and immediately took two steps back.

There was finally enough space in front of Yan Zhiqing.

Before that, she had not even dared to breathe.

Now, she could not help but take deep breaths.

Yan Zhiqing stopped talking to him.

She walked forward in silence.

Seeing that, Wei Wucai immediately followed behind her, explaining, “Its really not on purpose.


“Then why did you stand so close to me You even blocked me at the door!” said Yan Zhiqing angrily.

Although she sounded imposing, the effect was ruined because Yan Zhiqing had lowered her head while talking.

However, Yan Zhiqing was too embarrassed to look at Wei Wucai.

She did not even dare to raise her head.

Although Yan Zhiqing seemed imposing, given her actions, Wei Wucai could only feel that Yan Zhiqing was cute and fierce.

It did not feel intimidating at all.

How was it supposed to feel fierce

Wei Wucai could not help but laugh.

Luckily, Yan Zhiqing was looking down as she was feeling shy, too embarrassed to look at him.

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