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Chapter 2988 Wei Wucai Was Just Next Door

A netizen commented, “Lu Xiuse went to Wu Mosens party first.

Isnt she looking down too much on their movies director, Chen Jinglin”

“Lu Xiuse is impressive! Wouldnt this create hatred between Chen Jinglin and Wu Mosen The two might have grudges with each other because of this.”

“This probably would not create any grudges.

After all, compared to Wu Mosen, Chen Jinglin is really not very good.

However, this does not mean that Lu Xiuse can just ignore Chen Jinglin like that.

Lu Xiuse crossed the line this time.”

“Things have gotten so big; Chen Jinglin must be feeling ashamed tonight.”

After so much was said, naturally, Lu Xiuses fans came forward to protect her.

They even started scolding others.

However, this could not protect Lu Xiuse at all.

Instead, it made people feel even more irritated, so they stopped talking for now.

Annoyed, Lu Xiuse closed these pages, then she opened WeChat.

Their production crew also had their own group for the convenience of contacting each other.

Nobody was chatting in the group right now.

Its very quiet.

She looked through her Friends feed.

Chen Jinglin did not post anything new.

This made Lu Xiuse feel a little uncertain.

Did Chen Jinglin and the others in the production crew not know about the mess online

They were in a production crew; its actually that inconvenient.

Although its easy to go online now, when they were really busy, they did not have time to do that at all.

So their reaction would be slower.

And everyone had drunk quite a bit tonight, so there were some who slept immediately after going back.

They might not be able to find out about what was happening online instantly.

She did not even find out instantly.

Lu Xiuse pondered for a while, gritted her teeth, and went out with her room card.




Chen Jinglin had already decided to rest when, suddenly, his rooms doorbell rang.

Chen Jinglin raised his eyebrows and had a guess in his heart.

However, the hotel room doors did not have peepholes, so if Chen Jinglin did not open the door, he would not be able to see the situation outside.

But Chen Jinglin was not dumb.

He pretended that he did not hear it and called his assistant, asking the assistant to run around as a pretense and see who was at his door.

The assistant also knew the bad things Lu Xiuse had done, and he immediately left his room.

After a while, while Chen Jinglins doorbell was still ringing, he got the assistants call.

“Director Chen, Lu Xiuse is at your door,” said the assistant.

“Okay, I got it.” Chen Jinglin knew what was going on.

“Then Ill pretend that Im asleep and didnt hear.

Let her tell me in the day if she has anything to say.”

He went on, “Or else, if I let her enter late at night, I cant be so sure what happens.”

If this was someone else, he could still consider it.

Lu Xiuse

Never mind.

She would cling to him.

Besides, did she not look down on him and stick to Wu Mosen

Then she should not come to him so late at night.

So Chen Jinglin put on his earphones, played music, and read a book on the bed, completely blocking the sound of the doorbell.


At Yan Zhiqings place, Fang Qiaohan returned to her own room.

Now, Yan Zhiqing was left alone in this room.

When Fang Qiaohan was here, she did not feel it.

Now that she was left alone, she remembered that Wei Wucai was just next door.

Yan Zhiqing suddenly felt extremely uneasy.

Although there was a wall in between them, there was a strange feeling of the two being extremely close.

Yan Zhiqing went to take a shower.

Now, she was completely relaxed.

She snuggled into bed.

She was completely covered in the soft blanket, looking extra comfortable.

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