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Chapter 2985 Not Giving Them a Chance to Survive

“Did you guys notice On Director Wus side, Lu Xiuse was also there.

And in some of your pictures, Lu Xiuse was not with her own production crew.

Lu Xiuse abandoned her crew members from the start and went to Director Wus side.”

Everyones sense for gossip was extremely sensitive.

After hearing Lu Mans words, they understood without needing more explanations.

“This is worth exposing!”

“This can be done!”

“There hasnt been any news lately.

I have news about a few celebrities, but it was regulated by them, so even if I have it, I cant use it.

I have been hated by netizens lately.”

Those whom Lu Man had added into the group were people who were pretty good when they partnered up previously.

These were people Lu Man felt like she could associate with after some time.

They would not simply leak the conversation in this group.

Besides, if there was someone who leaked the conversation in the group for benefits or topicality, the others would not forgive them.

Nobody would be stupid enough to do this dangerous thing that would risk angering everyone.

And even if this was leaked, it would not actually help to gain much benefits.

Moreover, Lu Man was in there.

What was the difference between offending Lu Man and offending Han Zhuoli

So Lu Man was able to create a group in peace, unafraid that people would betray her.

However, Da Xiong and Eight Skin Entertainment still made it clear beforehand.

“Lets get the unpleasantness out of the way.

Lu Man added us into a group to discuss this because of the trust among us.

If anyone dares to betray us and expose this, I, Da Xiong, will never collaborate with them again,” said Da Xiong.

Eight Skin Entertainment also followed along.

“Same for me.

And there are many accounts that are good with me.

They will definitely do me a favor.”

Everyone expressed that this would not happen.

“Da Xiong, Eight Skin, youre looking down on us.

Since Lu Man trusts us, it means that were not people who will do that.

I am saying too that I will stop collaborating with anyone who betrays us.”

When the others saw this, they realized that this person had beaten them to being the first to make his position clear; he was so cunning.

So they all made their positions clear in the same way one after another.

They all expressed that they would not collaborate with those who betrayed them.

They did not care whether they could actually do it, but at least, their stance could be seen.

Lu Man smiled and said, “Since I added everyone, I trust everyone.

Or else, why would I add a few when theres such a huge team out there And also, thank you, everyone, for helping me.”

“Youre being too courteous.

Being able to collaborate with you is an honor!” The person who had made a statement right after Da Xiong and Eight Skin Entertainment was nicknamed Box, and he had snatched the opportunity to beat others to it again.

Other than Da Xiong and Eight Skin Entertainment, the others were itching from anger.

This persons mouth was so quick!

He was too good at currying favor!

Was he not giving them a chance to survive

None of them was willing to be slow.

They all expressed that they were very willing to collaborate with Lu Man and that Lu Man did not need to be so courteous.

After the courtesies, Lu Man started to talk about business.

Then, after a while, Da Xiong and Box posted the dinner pictures of the production crew of “Left Right.”

As Yan Zhiqing cared about the others in her production crew, she did not ask Da Xiong to post the pictures of other people.

But Box did not have these concerns.

So the pictures from Box were more complete.

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