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Chapter 2980 She Did Not Know Why She Was Guilty Either

Wei Wucai said, “Ill go in after you go in.”

Yan Zhiqing froze.

She felt an intense impact.

It was not like she had never met someone who was this considerate and gentlemanly.

But it felt different with Wei Wucai.

Yan Zhiqings heartbeat sped up.

“Oh.” Yan Zhiqing was dumbstruck.

“Then… then Ill be going in first.


After saying that, Yan Zhiqing did not dare to take another glance at Wei Wucais extremely attractive face.

She quickly swiped her card to enter her room.

After closing the door, Yan Zhiqing leaned on it, dumbfounded.

She was affected by a simple action and a simple sentence from Wei Wucai.

It was probably because Wei Wucai looked too


That must be the case.

Yan Zhiqing told herself that.

As if she was not sure enough, she nodded twice again.

“Zhiqing, what are you doing Why are you not coming in” Fang Qiaohan came out and saw that Yan Zhiqing was in a daze, leaning against the door and looking abnormal.

“I heard you enter, but I didnt see you even after waiting for a while,” said Fang Qiaohan.

The room Yan Zhiqing was staying in was a suite.

Yan Zhiqing tidied her hair, which was not even messy, then she heard Fang Qiaohan ask, “Zhiqing, why are you blushing” “Ah” Yan Zhiqing blinked, surprised.

She immediately raised her hand and fanned her face.

It was better if Fang Qiaohan had not mentioned it.

The moment she said it, Yan Zhiqing felt that her face was getting hotter and hotter.

“During dinner, I drank a bit.” Yan Zhiqing found an excuse.

“You know, my face gets red easily when I drink.”

Fang Qiaohans expression changed and she asked anxiously, “Lu Xiuse used the drinking trick on you”

The drinking trick was when someone thinks of all kinds of ways to force another to drink.

Yan Zhiqings alcohol tolerance was not very good.

Luckily, she did not need to attend any dinner parties to socialize.

So she did not have to suffer because of her alcohol tolerance.

“No, no,” said Yan Zhiqing immediately.

“Actually, I didnt drink much.

Its just that its the first time everyone met each other, so we raised a toast in the beginning.”

She repeated, “You know me.

My face becomes flushed after I drink a little.”

Fang Qiaohan let out a sigh of relief.

“As long as you didnt get treated badly.”

Subconsciously, Yan Zhiqing added, “Wei Wucai was there.

How could I be treated badly”

Thinking about it now, she did drink in the middle.

Some actors who were playing side characters in the movie had wanted to become familiar with her.

So, naturally, it started with alcohol.

However, they were stopped by Wei Wucai.

She really did not drink much.

“Hmm” Fang Qiaohan stared at her instantly.

“Wei Wucai”

Full of surprise, she asked, “He was there


She knew Wei Wucai.

After all, Yan Zhiqing and Wei Wucai had a love-hate relationship.

When Yan Zhiqing was angered by Wei Wucai, she also could not hold back and had told Fang Qiaohan about it.

Because of this, although Fang Qiaohan had not met Wei Wucai officially, she was not unfamiliar with him.

She knew that Yan Zhiqing and Wei Wucai had grudges against each other.

Of course, Fang Qiaohan felt that Yan Zhiqings feelings were one-sided.

As for what Wei Wucai thought, she did not know.

“What is he here for Is he here to work due to coincidence or what” asked Fang Qiaohan.

Yan Zhiqing felt guilty.

She did not know why she was feeling guilty either.

At that point, she was finally willing to leave the door.

She walked towards the living room, and when passing by the counter, she bent down, opened the small fridge, and took out a milk carton.

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