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Chapter 2967 First, Add Me as a Friend

She thought that Shi Xiaoya was sitting next to her.

She did not expect that it would be Wei Wucai beside her.

On the other side of Wei Wucai was Han Zhuofeng, and on the other side of Han Zhuofeng was Shi Xiaoya.

Yan Zhiqing wanted to talk to Shi Xiaoya, but there were two people in between, so it was too difficult.

While she was chatting with Fang Qiaohan, Wei Wucai could see Yan Zhiqings phone screen just by looking down.

However, Wei Wucai was a gentleman and did not peek.

However, as he was curious, he could not help but take a glance.

Then, he saw the pictures that Fang Qiaohan had sent.

Wei Wucai was in this line of work.

How could he not know

With one glance, he knew what Yan Zhiqing was plotting.

However, he did not want Yan Zhiqing to feel awkward and make it seem like he was peeking, so he only took a glance and looked away.

After Yan Zhiqing became aware that he was beside her, she did not think too much.

She only tilted her head, giving Wei Wucai a glance.

Seeing that Wei Wucai was looking straight ahead, she had no idea whether Wei Wucai had seen the conversation between Fang Qiaohan and her.

Yan Zhiqing felt a little perturbed.

If Wei Wucai saw it, would he think that she was evil

Yan Zhiqing could not think of why she cared so much about Wei Wucais opinion.

After she finished chatting with Fang Qiaohan, she whispered, “Did you see the conversation between me and Qiaohan just now”

Wei Wucai froze and asked, “Qiaohan”

He clearly did not know who this Qiaohan was.

Yan Zhiqing explained softly, “My assistant.”

Yan Zhiqing bit her lips and asked, “Did you see it or not”

“I only took a glance, then I stopped looking.

I am not someone who peeks at others conversations,” said Wei Wucai, looking straight ahead.

Yan Zhiqing was speechless.

So he still saw it.

She did not know how Wei Wucai thought of her now.

She remembered that, at first, this mans impression of her was not really good, so his attitude towards her was just normal.

But now, it seemed like he did not think she was annoying anymore At least he was willing to talk to her and was even concerned about her safety.

From Wei Wucais recent behavior whenever they were together, it seemed like he did not hate her.

However, after he saw the conversation between Fang Qiaohan and her, with Wei Wucais brain, he definitely must have guessed what she had in mind.

She did not know whether he would think that she was an evil person who plotted against someone behind their back.

Yan Zhiqing was pondering in her heart when Wei Wucai suddenly passed her a phone.

Yan Zhiqing looked down and saw that there was a huge QR code on the phone screen.

Yan Zhiqing was still confused, then Wei Wucai said, “First, add me as a friend.

Lets chat through the phone.”

People would definitely hear if they spoke like this.

Yan Zhiqing knew what Wei Wucai meant.

She did not think that he was being mindful for his own sake.

She lowered her head, scanned Wei Wucais QR code, and added him as a friend.

Then, she saw Wei Wucai typing rapidly on the phone screen.

The speed of his hands was surprisingly quick.

Yan Zhiqing did not know whether it was because he was with the Mount Lan Compound, but she felt that Wei Wucai was good at everything.

She almost wanted to contact the Mount Lan Compound.

Just by watching his thumbs tapping on the screen, she felt that the rapid movement looked spectacular.

Just as she had that thought, she received Wei Wucais message.

“I did see it accidentally just now.

I didnt peek intentionally.”

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