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Chapter 2966 Youre Chasing Me Away

No matter what, she had to give a toast to Wu Mosen.

Wu Mosen drank the first round.

Lu Xiuse filled her glass full again, wanting to take this chance to drink beside Wu Mosen.

Wu Mosen saw that Lu Xiuse wanted to put the place in the mood for drinking.

While Lu Xiuse was about to come, he stopped her immediately.

“Today is our crews first meeting before starting work.

We should let the actors familiarize themselves with each other so that it will be easier for them to work together.

Were just drinking lightly.

If you keep asking me to drink, I will feel stressed.” Yan Zhiqing also could not bear to watch.

Everyone was here to chat around and eat.

Lu Xiuse had messed things up, creating a miasma of unpleasantness.

So she said, “Big Sister Xiuse, arent people from your production crew here too Youve been with us for more than half an hour already.

If you dont go there, its not really appropriate, right”.

Lu Xiuses face darkened.

“Zhiqing, are you chasing me away”

Shi Xiaoya would obviously help Yan Zhiqing, so she said, “Zhiqing is not chasing you away.

Shes just thinking that the people of your crew must be waiting for you too.

If your crew learns that youre not going there, Im afraid it will not look very good.” Shi Xiaoya smiled.

“Im not sure, but isnt your director also here to eat”

She left her crews director to gain the favor of Wu Mosen.

Even if the director was not as famous as Wu Mosen, he was still a director.

He could invite Lu Xiuse, meaning that he was not a nobody.

Would he not have a temper

Lu Xiuse did not dare to fall out with them in front of Wu Mosen, but she understood what Shi Xiaoya meant.

Han Zhuofeng was watchful.

Lu Xiuse had drunk too much, perhaps forgetting that Shi Xiaoya now had a huge group of people protecting her.

Shi Xiaoya was not someone she could bully.

He could not let Lu Xiuse put the blame on Shi Xiaoya in front of him.

Han Zhuofeng said coldly, “If you want, I can also go take a look and tell them that Miss Lu is busy giving a toast here and has no time to meet with them.”

Lu Xiuse put down her cup immediately.

If she allowed Han Zhuofeng to go there, who knew what else he would say

Lu Xiuse had lost her cool, but she could not have a breakdown in front of Wu Mosen.

“Look at me.

I was too happy to see Director Wu and the seniors that I forgot about my own matters.” Lu Xiuse had put it in such a nice way, giving herself a way out.

It showed that she was not someone who would abandon her production crew just to gain Wu Mosens favor.

“Ill be going back now.

I will come and meet all of you later,” said Lu Xiuse, smiling.

Everyone heard that she even planned to return.

Wu Mosen blocked his expression with a cup, and even Gao Zishans expression became unhappy.

Nobody wanted her to come back.

It was as if Lu Xiuse could not see these reactions.

She smiled and left.

Yan Zhiqing lowered her head and secretly sent Fang Qiaohan a message.

“Did Da Xiong capture it”

“Yes,” answered Fang Qiaohan.

Right after that, Yan Zhiqing received many pictures.

Every picture consisted of Lu Xiuse.

As Lu Xiuse was sitting beside Yan Zhiqing, she was also captured in the frame.

There was also Wei Wucai, who was sitting on Yan Zhiqings other side.

Nobody else in the production crew was captured, so Yan Zhiqing was satisfied.

It was only after Yan Zhiqing saw the pictures that she realized Wei Wucai was sitting next to her.

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