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Chapter 2962 Only Had Eyes for Yan Zhiqing

Thinking about this, Wei Wucai got angry and could not stop scolding her.

Yan Zhiqing was getting a headache from his nagging “I understand my mistake…” murmured Yan Zhiqing softly.

Knowing that she did something wrong, she did not dare to raise her voice confidently.

She drew back her neck like she was a tiny quail.

In Wei Wucais eyes, she was so well-behaved.

What she meant by her words was that she already knew she was wrong, so he should stop nagging.

She was saying that he was naggy.



Without even thinking about it, Wei Wucai extended his index finger and poked her forehead.

He did not dare to use a lot of strength, remembering that he had to do it lightly.

But even so, his fingertip left a red mark on her white forehead.

It was as if she was hurt by it.

Wei Wucai frowned instantly.

“Did I hurt you”

He saw that Yan Zhiqings head had tilted back.

Wei Wucai clearly did not use a lot of strength.

Looking at Yan Zhiqings reaction, he even felt that he had used a lot of strength.

He immediately took back his hand and looked at his index finger blankly.

Suddenly, he came to his senses.

He… he seemed to have touched Yan Zhiqings head

Before Lu Xiuse arrived, he had wanted to touch Yan Zhiqings head.

In the end, he was interrupted by Lu Xiuses arrival.

Unexpectedly, it was just naturally fulfilled.

Wei Wucai was a little blank.

Yan Zhiqing blinked a few times, looking at Wei Wucais rare blank look.

She suddenly felt that this man was not always harsh with words, it seemed; there were also times when he was dumb and cute.

“It… it didnt hurt…” Yan Zhiqing touched her own forehead where he poked it.

It was a little hot.

“But I really know I am wrong,” said Yan Zhiqing.

Her voice was soft and sweet.

It was like a soft cake.

Wei Wucai sighed and said, “I didnt want to nag you; I just want you to remember next time.”

Yan Zhiqing nodded quickly.

“Ill remember it.


The interactions between the two were seen by Lu Xiuse, and she became more certain about her guess that these two were dating.

Even if the two had not reached the stage of dating yet, they were at least at the ambiguous stage where they had feelings for each other.

Shi Xiaoya and Han Zhuofeng hid at the side as they watched the interactions of the two.

Shi Xiaoya covered her mouth as she was smiling too much.

Yan Zhiqing had not realized that she was still in Wei Wucais arms.

After Wei Wucai carried her to avoid the food cart just now, he kept holding her like that, without letting go.

Did Yan Zhiqing feel that something was wrong Seeing she was so well-behaved, Wei Wucais gaze fell on Yan Zhiqings face, forgetting to move away.

He was a little stupefied.

“Sorry!” The waiter, who was pushing the cart, walked over to the side of Yan Zhiqing and Wei Wucai.

Shi Xiaoya could not even stop it even if she wanted to.

She had to watch such a good mood between Yan Zhiqing and Wei Wucai be destroyed abruptly.

Shi Xiaoya beat her chest and gritted her teeth, blaming herself for being too slow.

“So sorry.

Youre not hurt, right” said the waiter immediately.

The waiter woke up the two completely.

Previously, Yan Zhiqing had been nagged so much by Wei Wucai that her mind became a mess, so she could not think of other things.

As for Wei Wucai, he only had eyes for Yan Zhiqing, so he did not see others.

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