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Chapter 2957 You Dont Mind, Do You

Wu Mosen felt Lu Xiuse had the acting skills.

Nowadays, good actors had their own characteristics.

As long as they had the chops, no role was off-limits to anyone.

However, to Wu Mosen, Lu Xiuses charisma was not ethereal enough for the character Yan Jiayin no matter how good she was.

And she was slighter older than the required age.

Many actors also had clashing schedules.

Even Wu Mosen could not gather all of his preferred actors.

Similarly, many wanted to get in but couldnt.

As it was, some earth cracked in droughts, others flooded from rain.

Lu Xiuses acting actually passed his standards.

Hence, Wu Mosen gave her the role of the dancer Ying Ying

Lu Xiuse was unlucky though.

She had just gotten the role but hadnt signed all the relevant contracts yet when the scandal about her being an escort got exposed.

Though her scandal would have long been forgotten after the movie got made, passed appraisal, and got scheduled screentime, Wu Mosen didnt want such uncertainty to affect his movies word-of-mouth and popularity.

There were plenty of actors anyway.

It didnt have to be Lu Xiuse.

Hence, Wu Mosen replaced this actor in a snap.

Because of her time as an escort at Trubo, she lost a precious chance.

How could she not harbor hatred

And now, Yan Zhiqing got chosen for Wu Mosens film.

Not only that, but she was even the female lead.

They were all filming in the same place.

Yan Zhiqing was with her big production.

While she only got to do a rom-com.

Both movies could even have the same showtimes.

The attention garnered by both was destined to be different.

Lu Xiuse smiled and said, “That really is a coincidence.

Since Im here, let me say a quick hello to your production crew.

It might seem impolite if I knew others were here but I did not go and greet them.”

Lu Xiuse paused, smiling at Yan Zhiqing.

“You dont mind, do you” “Of course not,” Yan Zhiqing replied good-naturedly.

“You came at just the right time.

Director Wu is here too.”

Lu Xiuse got a shock for real.

She never expected Yan Zhiqing to raise this up.

Was Yan Zhiqing so big-hearted What Lu Xiuse failed to understand was that Yan Zhiqing had thought it through.

Her movie “Left Right” was filming nearby, and so was Lu Xiuses movie.

The two were in close proximity, so Lu Xiuse would have known about it sooner or later.

No one could stop her from approaching Wu Mosen.

And really, why stop her

Putting the current chance aside, could she really stop Lu Xiuse if there were more chances in other places Yan Zhiqing didnt think that stopping Lu Xiuse from seeing Wu Mosen would prevent her from filming Wu Mosens movie.

Similarly, she felt that Lu Xiuse wouldnt get any benefits even if she approached Wu Mosen.

Given Wu Mosens status, there were countless people trying to approach and gain benefits from him.

Whether it was starring in his movies or making use of his connections to gain other offers, Wu Mosen had seen more than his fair share of such instances, and not everyone succeeded.

No matter how hard Lu Xiuse tried, its all up to Wu Mosens decision.

If Lu Xiuse had the ability to convince Wu Mosen, would the role of the dancer Ying Ying have gone to another

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