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Chapter 2955 Wei Wucais Eyes Twitched

“That Lu Xiuse had a conflict with her before.”

How could Shi Xiaoya not know his aim She grabbed his arm, stopping him.

“Dont worry.

Isnt Wei Wucai right there Its a rare chance for him to shine!”

Han Zhuofeng smacked his head.

“Right, right.

Ive forgotten about that.

Sister-in-law, who knew you were an expert at matchmaking!”

“Lets go.” Shi Xiaoya dragged him along.

“Though were letting Wei Wucai have the opportunity to help her, we still have to watch by the sidelines, dont we What if he doesnt have enough experience” Han Zhuofeng looked at Shi Xiaoya, thinking she wasnt suited to fight anyone either.

“What are you looking at If Wei Wucai proves to be inexperienced, youre definitely up,” Shi Xiaoya said heartlessly.

Han Zhuofeng was speechless.

Why, after his two brothers had married, was he still the one suffering the most

Pushing aside Han Zhuofengs misery, the two crept silently along the wall, watching Yan Zhiqing and Wei Wucai.

The corners of Wei Wucais eyes twitched.

The places corridor wasnt spacious by any means; theres nowhere to hide.

Even if both of them stuck themselves to the wall, they were still obvious.

Did they think themselves invisible

Meanwhile, Lu Xiuse saw Yan Zhiqing standing with Wei Wucai.

She quickly recognized who Wei Wucai was.

He was the man they saw when they were eating with the leaders of Trubo and Yan Zhiqing went berserk suddenly.

Because it was too chaotic, Lu Xiuse didnt take much notice of Wei Wucai.

Then she saw Luo Qingxian talking to Wei Wucai in front of their room.

She was familiar with Luo Qingxian.

And so, from Luo Qingxian, she knew that Wei Wucai was from the Wei Family/

But Luo Qingxian seemed to have hinted that Wei Wucai wasnt held in high regard, or even any regard, in the Wei Family.

Hence, Lu Xiuse lost any interest in Wei Wucai.

Most importantly, Lu Xiuse already had her own “sugar daddy.”

After the Trubo incident, Yan Zhiqing had released the photos of the meal.

Her backer saw them and was extremely dissatisfied with her.

Almost dumping her, even.

It took Lu Xiuse much effort to finally placate her backer.

Its not that she was good at cajoling others.

But her investor had need of her too.

Shes rather famous within the circle, proven by her ability to challenge Yan Zhiqing.

Hence, her investor was willing to bring her out during business deals and whatnot.

Letting her eat with them.

And at times, even spending the night with the other big bosses.

She was like a tool to her backer.

Because she was obedient enough and knew her boundaries, she helped him to a large extent.

Hence, her backer was very pleased with her and was willing to forgive her this time.

Within this period, Lu Xiuse had not dared to commit any wrong again.

Otherwise, her backer would give up on her and she wouldnt be getting good opportunities like the one she had now.

Previously, when the scandal was making waves but she remained unaffected, with work offers still coming along continuously, it was all due to her backers efforts.

Unless she was sure she could attract a better backer, Lu Xiuse wouldnt do anything out of line.

Hearing how Luo Qingxian had looked down on Wei Wucai, Lu Xiuse didnt turn her attention to him.

Wei Wucai was incapable.

He wasnt useful to her.

Why would she waste the time

Yes, Lu Xiuse did want to get to know the other Wei Family members through Wei Wucai.

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