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Chapter 2946 How Much Skills She Had

This was an extremely rare and tempting character for an actor.

Yan Zhiqing wanted to challenge herself by taking on this character and improving her acting skills.

She would gain more experience from it.

Of course, the stress that came with it would be bigger.

If she did not act well, she would ruin a character who was meaningful, and this would be the same as ruining a movie.

At the same time, the actor would be criticized terribly by the audience.

If she did not have the skills and still wanted to take on this role, she would ruin a character and a good movie.

Did she not know what level of skills she had

However, what kind of criticisms had Yan Zhiqing not heard before

What kind of contempt had she not seen before

Just because she was from the Yan Family, even if her skills had had huge improvements, even if her career accomplishments were great, it could still be rejected by the sentence, “If I have her family background, I can also do it.”

This had been said by countless people.

Even so, Yan Zhiqing had never given up before.

Her passion for this job was not affected by these negative things.

No matter what those people thought and whether they acknowledged her, if they wanted to deceive themselves, thinking that her success was all due to her background, then they could continue thinking so.

As long as she knew the effort she put in and how much she had given, as long as she knew that her earnest results were due to her own hard work, it was enough.

Yan Zhiqing did not depend on her family or the Han Familys help to get this character.

She depended on herself to get it.

Wu Mosen wanted to use new faces, but it did not mean that he must use new people.

That was because newcomers would not be able to handle this characters complexity.

Wu Mosen had wanted to give it to Lu Man.

Unfortunately, Lu Man was pregnant and could not act.

When he saw Yan Zhiqing, Wu Mosen found out that she really suited the character Yan Jiayin.

Yan Zhiqing had not acted in a lot of movies these past few years.

However, every movie she had acted in was excellent.

Because of this, it could be seen that Yan Zhiqing valued quality over quantity.

So the audience in the country was not tired of Yan Zhiqings face.

She acted in movies every two or three years, and she did not attend any variety shows.

Even with endorsements, she only accepted big brands.

She maintained a good image, so the audience had had no chance to be tired of her.

Wu Mosen wanted a fresh face, but newcomers could not be trusted.

So in the end, he chose Yan Zhiqing.

This was also one of the reasons Wu Mosen had wanted to choose Lu Man in the beginning.

Lu Man had not acted in a lot of movies.

Although it was widely talked about every time, thinking back carefully, one would find that Lu Mans exposure was not huge.

In addition, Wu Mosen had also watched Lu Man act before.

Whether it was in the movie that she acted in or in the competition video that went viral online later on, Wu Mosen had witnessed Lu Mans skills.

The character of the dancer Man Yun, which Lu Man performed, had especially left a huge impression on him.

So the first one Wu Mosen thought of was Lu Man.

However, it was obvious that Lu Man could not accept any roles in her current state.

Wu Mosen felt regretful at first because it was rare to recognize an actor with only a glance.

It was also the first time he had met such a suitable candidate; this situation could only happen through luck.

So at first, he thought that it was rare that he could decide on the first female lead so smoothly.

But the happier he was, the more disappointed he got.

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