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Chapter 2939 Look at You Being All Worried

After one had joined a production crew, it did not matter how many of them were single and how many were not.

Anyway, once they were with a production crew, their other halves would not be able to accompany them.

But he could show Shi Xiaoya off to others!

This was killing two birds with one stone.

Pretty good.

As Han Zhuoling thought about this, his tense expression relaxed.

Shi Xiaoya did not know that Han Zhuoling had this idea.

She thought that Han Zhuoling had been convinced by her.

In the afternoon, Han Zhuoling sent Shi Xiaoya to the production set.

At the entrance, they saw Yan Zhiqing, who arrived almost at the same time.

Yan Zhiqing got out of the car.

Beside her was her assistant, Fang Qiaohan.

“Xiaoya, Big Brother Han,” greeted Yan Zhiqing, smiling

Yan Zhiqings greeting of “Big Brother Han” was different from the flirtatious attempts of the other women.

After all, the eight great families were all friends with each other.

Yan Zhiqing was like a little sister to the men of the other families; there was no need to treat each other like strangers.

Yan Zhiqing called Han Zhuoling Big Brother as she really saw Han Zhuoling as her own big brother.

Han Zhuoling nodded, saying, “From now on, take care of Xiaoya while shes with the production crew.”

Yan Zhiqing had been in the entertainment industry longer than Shi Xiaoya, so she was considered Shi Xiaoyas senior.

“Dont worry,” said Yan Zhiqing.

“Even if you dont tell me to, how can I not take care of Xiaoya Look at you being all worried.

Youre treating me like a stranger.” Han Zhuoling thought that it was because Yan Zhiqing was like a little kid herself.

If he did not urge her, could he be at ease

“Then Ill leave it to you,” said Han Zhuoling, nodding.

After sending Shi Xiaoya here, Han Zhuoling did not leave immediately.

He wanted to send Shi Xiaoya straight to the production crew and greet Wu Mosen and the others.

He wanted to support Shi Xiaoya.

Although he would not be there, he would protect Shi Xiaoya in whatever areas that he could.

The three entered the set together.

It was said to be a set, but actually, it was a small cineplex.

It was a cineplex built in the suburbs by the production crew just for this movie.

Wu Mosen was serious about shooting movies, so he treated these details with great importance.

He was unwilling to simply build one or use a ready-made one and beautify it using the lens.

If he had to do it, he would make it as real as possible.

Whether it was real or fake, people could see it with one glance.

Because of this, Wu Mosen created a design diagram according to the world in the movie.

He drew the scenes that were in the script and edited them repeatedly to ensure that they were as close to what Wu Mosen wanted as possible.

Then they recreated every scene.

“No wonder Director Wu can become an internationally famous director,” said Shi Xiaoya.

“The desire to perfect the production, the demands on the details, and the kind of attitude he has are required to make a good movie.”

With a good script and the sincerity of production, it was impossible that this movie would be bad.

Art films would be favored by professionals.

While commercial films would be favored by the audience.

The former would receive an award while the latter would receive greater profit.

Both of these were a form of success.

“We cant say for sure that this movie will have high box office sales or receive an important award.

However, we can at least show the audience our sincerity.

As long as we can receive the recognition of our audience, were satisfied,” said Writer Hu, full of pride.

“Although its not my first time working with Director Wu, I have felt a huge admiration for him every time I saw how much he values the production.”

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