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Chapter 2932 Isnt It Just Being in the Same Household Register


Jiang looked at her abruptly.

“I… I dont…”


Jiang took a deep breath and ignored Mr.


“As long as Yujie can be happy, I can agree to anything.

I dont care about peoples opinions and how they see me.

“Huaizhou, dont worry.

If Yujie can think it through and come back, if she really likes you too, then I will support you two,” said Mrs.


“Isnt it just being in the same household register I can just divorce your


“You…” Mr.

Jiang stared at her in shock.

“Then I will remove Yujie from the household register,” said Mrs.


“That way, the two of you wont have any relationship; you guys wont be siblings anymore.

Then, you two can be together.”

“Mom…” Jiang Huaizhou did not expect that Mrs.

Jiang would even think about this.


Jiang smiled.

“I said that as long as Yujie can be well, I will do anything.

Of course, the condition is that Yujie likes you too.”

But Mrs.

Jiang had already gone so far as to say this.

Even if Jiang Yujie chose in the end not to be with him, Jiang Huaizhou knew that there would be grudges between Mrs.

Jiang and Mr.


Once divorce was mentioned, it was not easy to erase it.


Jiang would always remember that Mrs.

Jiang had thought of divorcing him.

And if Jiang Yujie agreed, Mrs.

Jiang could divorce him anytime.

This thorn was now inserted deep into Mr.

Jiangs heart.

It could not be removed.

Jiang Huaizhou said to Mr.

Jiang, “Dad, I know you might have been hurt by what Mom said today…”


Jiang froze.

Indeed, Mr.

Jiang did not feel happy about Mrs.

Jiangs decision.

“But every time you think about this, please think about how this started,” said Jiang Huaizhou.


Jiangs mouth twitched and his shoulders dropped.


Everything started from saving Jiang Huaizhou.

And his suspicion of Jiang Yujie pushed this to the climax.

So, to speak truthfully, it was the responsibility of the father and the son.

It was him who had hurt Jiang Yujie and Mrs.


Even if there were grudges, it was Jiang Yujie and Mrs.

Jiang who were supposed to have them.


Jiang grabbed his hair in pain.

They were a good family.

Everything was going well.

How did it come to this

“I know…” said Mr.

Jiang weakly.


Jiang knew that Jiang Huaizhou was feeling impatient.

She also wanted Jiang Yujie to come back as soon as possible.

She did not want her to drift around outside alone.

Jiang Yujies situation right now was different from if she was working overseas.

If Jiang Yujie really lived overseas because of work, Mrs.

Jiang would not be this concerned.


Jiang wiped her tears and sniffed.

She ensured that her voice did not sound strange, then she called Jiang Yujie.

Jiang Yujie was in her temporary apartment that she had rented and had just unpacked her luggage.

She was just about to find something to eat outside.

She did not dare to do nothing now.

Since she came to relax, she wanted to move straight away.

If she started moving, she would not think about so many things.

Unexpectedly, just as she was about to go out, she received Mrs.

Jiangs call.

She did not use her orignial phone number anymore.

The number that she used to call Mrs.

Jiang was a new number.


Jiang used that number to call her back.

Jiang Yujie picked up.

“Mom, what is it”

“Yujie, I remembered that I havent finished talking to you.

What are you doing now”

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