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Chapter 2930 There Will Be Nobody Else Wholl Love Me


Jiangs eyes were red.

“I am her mom, and I should be the person who is the most considerate to her.

However, after so many years, I couldnt do anything, nor could I protect her.

“This time, I wont let her get hurt no matter what is said,” said Mrs.


She gave Mr.

Jiang a glance.

This time, she was really mad and had resentment in her heart towards Mr.


Things would never return to what they were.


Jiang wiped her tears away.

“For this family, for us, she has already done enough.

Shes still so young.

She shouldnt be bearing all of this.”


Jiang covered his face.

He was too ashamed to face Mrs.

Jiang and Jiang Huaizhou.

Even if Jiang Yujie returned, he would be too ashamed to face Jiang Yujie.


Jiang was right.

It was him who had forced Jiang Yujie away.


Jiang could not say a single word now.

He was too ashamed to say anything.

But whatever Mrs.

Jiang could think of, Jiang Huaizhou could also think of.

He was afraid.

He was afraid that after Jiang Yujie found out about him knowing the whole truth, she would be more unwilling to face him and would not let him find her.

Jiang Huaizhou took a deep breath and said, “I know that you wont believe me if I say this now.

Before we get to that stage, I cant prove anything.

However, I can swear it here.” Mrs.

Jiang looked at Jiang Huaizhou.


Jiang also subconsciously removed his hands from his face as he raised his head to look at Jiang Huaizhou.

Then, Jiang Huaizhou said, “I swear that in the future, if I drift apart from Yujie just because of peoples gossip, if I go against my own promise that I made today, if I make Yujie sad, no matter what the reason is, if shes sad because of me, then I will accomplish nothing and be ordinary my whole life.

“No matter how much work I put in, it will be futile and my career will not bear fruit at all.

I wont even be able to handle basic needs,” said Jiang Huaizhou clearly, word by word.


Jiang could even feel the weight of his words from the very tone of his voice.

“And I will be alone my whole life.

There will be nobody else wholl love me,” said Jiang Huaizhou softly.

“If I do anything wrong against Yujie, I will never be loved by people again.”

A vow like this was usually made on things that people felt contempt for.

However, If its about people he cared about, he would give importance to the vow.

He was afraid that those curses would really come true.

And as he was swearing on things that he cared about, of course he also minded it.

But since Jiang Huaizhou said this, Mrs.

Jiang trusted him more.

However, she still went quiet for a while and insisted, “But I still insist that we let Yujie make the decision.”


Jiang raised her head to look at Jiang Huaizhou.

“She has the right to decide whether she wants to see you or whether she wants to come back.”

Jiang Huaizhou paused for a while and said, “Okay.”

After this happened, Mrs.

Jiang was in no mood to cook dinner anymore.

After the three calmed down, Jiang Huaizhou could not help but rush Mrs.

Jiang to call Jiang Yujie immediately.

“I want to listen from the side,” said Jiang Huaizhou.

“Mom, give me this chance.

At least… at least let me hear her voice.

I didnt expect that the call this noon would be…”

It might have been his last time hearing Jiang Yujies voice and seeing her face.

If he had known…

He would have gone to the airport no matter what.

Even if he could not have made it, he would have chased after her.

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