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Chapter 2929 How a Man Likes a Woman

“In the near future, your business will definitely succeed.

“In the future, your business will get bigger and bigger.

When that time comes, you will be a famous person.

More and more people will know about you, and they will also talk about Yujies past.

Theyll look at you with strange eyes,” said Mrs.


“When that time comes, will you still not mind” Mrs.

Jiang looked straight at Jiang Huaizhou.

“I dont care,” said Jiang Huaizhou persistently.

“You probably wont believe me if I just tell you.

However, I like Yujie, and I will always remember the reason people talk bad about her, so I wont care.

“I like her how a man likes a woman.

Besides, as I will always remember what Yujie has done for me, I wont just like Yujie.

I will also feel guilty and have mercy,” said Jiang Huaizhou.

“With so many feelings stacking on each other, its impossible for my mind to change just because there are people talking about Yujie.

“If there are really people wholl gossip about Yujie, they are the ones at fault and who should feel ashamed! Its their fault and not Yujies fault.

How can I put the blame on Yujie”


Jiangs expression twitched slightly and relaxed a little, as if she was convinced by Jiang Huaizhou.

But in the end, Jiang Huaizhou was just talking.

Before that time came, nobody would know.

The more care was given, the more messy it could become.


Jiang was afraid that she would believe Jiang Huaizhous words and let Jiang Huaizhou get Jiang Yujie back.

And… and let Jiang Huaizhou confuse Jiang Yujies heart.

After listening so much, Mrs.

Jiang also suspected Jiang Yujie probably liked Jiang Huaizhou.

That girl hid it in her heart as she was afraid of destroying her relationship with Jiang Huaizhou as siblings.

Other than this kind of passionate feeling, what could cause Jiang Yujie to make such a huge sacrifice

If she knew Jiang Huaizhou also liked her, how could Jiang Yujies heart not be moved

In addition, Jiang Huaizhou was moved right now and would definitely be good to Jiang Yujie, not giving up easily.

In time, there would be a day when Jiang Yujies heart would be moved by Jiang Huaizhou.

The sweeter Jiang Huaizhous promise sounded, the happier their future looked.

In the future, if Jiang Huaizhou could not bear the gossip anymore and started regretting it…

He would start to shun Jiang Yujie.

He would feel that Jiang Yujie had become his burden, but it was not a good time to break up, so he would drift further and further apart from Jiang Yujie.

When that time came, what would Jiang Yujie do

She would be miserable.

How much did she have to get hurt

She sacrificed so much for Jiang Huaizhou, and in the end, she would still be the one getting hurt.

According to her understanding of Jiang Yujie, Jiang Yujie would still not blame Jiang Huaizhou even a tiny bit because of this.

However, everyone was now successful.


Jiang and Jiang Huaizhou reunited.

The injustice Jiang Huaizhou suffered had been corrected, and he was going to be successful in his career from now on.

Then what would happen to Jiang Yujie They were all so successful, but Jiang Yujie, who gave up the most, lost everything.


Jiang did not dare to bet.

Jiang Huaizhou watched as Mrs.

Jiangs relaxed expression became firm all of a sudden.

“Whether or not I should tell you Yujies whereabouts, its up to Yujie.

If she agrees and doesnt need you to find her, she will return when she chooses.

If she doesnt agree…” Mrs.

Jiangs mouth twitched as tears dropped down.

“Then even if I tell you, Yujie will go to a different place immediately.

“She has finally settled down somewhere.

I cant let her wander around anymore.”

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