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Chapter 2927 I Like Her

She went to such a far place alone.

He even said before that hed leave everything to Jiang Yujie.

In the end, he could not do anything.

“Dad, because of this, you suspected Yujie has feelings for me” asked Jiang Huaizhou.


Jiang lowered his head shamefully.


Before Mr.

Jiang could finish, Jiang Huaizhou said, “Its me who likes her.”

“What did you say” Mr.

Jiang raised his head instantly, looking at Jiang Huaizhou in disbelief.

“No matter what kind of feelings Yujie has for me, I like her,” said Jiang Huaizhou softly.


Jiang also froze and looked at Jiang Huaizhou, dumbfounded.

She… she had never thought about that before.

“I dont know what kind of feelings Yujie has for me.

I didnt dare to show my own feelings, afraid that she would be scared and you guys would not consent.

However, looking at Dads reaction, it seems like my concern is right.”

Jiang Huaizhou pursed his lips.

“The feelings that Yujie has for me are actually not those between a man and a woman.

I have thought about it.

Its probably because when she was young, she entered this home feeling uneasy, and I accepted her at the first instance.

So all this while, she has been grateful towards me.

“Its also because of Yujies personality.

When people are good to her, she will have to pay them back extra.

She cares about others opinions of her too much, especially people who care about her.

Shes scared that they will not like her, so she always wants to be good to people, gaining favor and making them happy.

“She cares about us and is good to us.

Just because of our past kindness, she wanted to give us back even more.

“Dad, Yujies feelings for me are not what you think, although I would rather that they are.

However, I need to tell you, if one of us likes the other, its me who liked her first.

I watched her as she grew from a soft little girl to a slender young lady.

“When she grew up a little, she looked more mature, but in reality, she still shows her little girl side once in a while,” said Jiang Huaizhou, reminiscing

“I cant say for sure when my feelings for her became different,” said Jiang Huaizhou.

“But Dad, this is not Yujies responsibility but mine.

The one you should watch is me, not Yujie.

“The person who will suffer is Yujie and not me.

Why did you guard against a young lady like Yujie Guard against me! You should be afraid that I would bully her, not that she would have feelings for me! Shes just a young lady; even if she has feelings for me, what can she do”


Jiang covered his face and his lips trembled fiercely.

“Sorry… sorry… its my fault…”

Jiang Huaizhou looked at Mrs.


“Where is Yujie now I want to find her.”


Jiang wiped away the tears on her face but tears still kept flowing down.

She sniffed and said, “Huaizhou, tell me first, is it because you feel guilty after Yujie sacrificed herself to save you that you started having feelings for her”


Jiang did not dare to confirm whether Jiang Huaizhou had liked Jiang Yujie since the beginning

What if it was because he found out about the sacrifices Jiang Yujie made for him that he felt guilty and said this


Jiang had no clue what Jiang Huaizhou was thinking in his heart.

She was afraid that Jiang Huaizhou said this to make them believe it because he felt guilty.

If its like that, it would not be fair to Jiang Yujie.

Jiang Yujie did not need these feelings that came from guilt.

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