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Chapter 2922 How Do I Know If Shes Well

“Dont think too much, Mom.

I just… just dont want to let Brother know why I left.

Im alone in Dali now.

I know youll be worried, so I called you first to tell you my location.” “How long are you planning to stay in Dali” Mrs.

Jiang asked.

“Not sure.

Ill see what the environments like first.

If I like it, then Ill stay a bit longer.

I just want to stay in a place far from the memories of the past two years and relax thoroughly,” came the reply.

“Ive rented a short-term flat in Dali.

Its cheaper than a hotel.

Then Ill find a part-time job, enough to for me live on.

I wish to try a casual and free-spirited lifestyle.”

“Then take good care when youre alone outside, alright Call me every day, okay I wont tell your dad and brother.”

“Alright.” Jiang Yujie also knew that she couldnt be willful and go completely off-grid, making her family worry.

The best she could think of now was to let Mrs.

Jiang rest her worries first.

As long as Mrs.

Jiang knew she was safe, Mr.

Jiang and Jiang Huaizhou would also take it easy based on her attitude.

“Not telling your brother is understandable, but why not your dad” Mrs.

Jiang questioned.

Jiang Yujie paused.

“Just… just afraid hell tell my brother!

“Think about it, if my brother asks, would Dad keep it from him” Jiang Yujie asked.

He was his biological son; Mr.

Jiang had never kept anything from Jiang Huaizhou.


Jiang considered it and agreed with her


“Alright, I wont tell him.”

But Mrs.

Jiang still had her doubts despite Jiang Yujies words.

She had a feeling Jiang Yujie wasnt telling the whole truth.

“Mom, Ive just arrived and need to unpack first.

Ill call you tomorrow.”

“Okay.” Mrs.

Jiang hung up, relaxed and ready to cook dinner.

As she busied herself, Mr.

Jiang came in.

Seeing Mr.

Jiang, Mrs.

Jiang continued cooking.

“Why did you come in”

“Did Yujie just call you” he asked softly.


Jiang found it strange.

They were in the kitchen with the door closed.

Why was he still keeping a low volume

Like he was keeping it from Jiang Huaizhou.

Jiang Yujie was worried that he would tell Jiang Huaizhou.

Who knew hed seemingly want to keep it a secret from him


Jiang kept her head down, pretending to be busy.

“Mmm, its Yujie.

She called to say she had arrived safely.”

“Where is she now” Mr.

Jiang continued in a low voice.

“She doesnt want me to tell you, afraid youll tell Huaizhou.”


Jiang replied awkwardly, “Why would I tell Huaizhou” Mrs.

Jiang didnt speak and did her own things.

“And she… is fine now” Mr.

Jiang asked.

“I cant see her, how do I know if shes fine” Mrs.

Jiangs eyes got red-rimmed.

“She would call and would surely say everythings fine to not make me worry.”


Jiang thought about it and felt very aggrieved.

Jiang Yujie went through great difficulties to rescue Jiang Huaizhou.

The familys whole again and about to start afresh.

Who knew Jiang Yujie would leave

She did it all to save Jiang Huaizhou!

The person with the most credit couldnt stay at home.

How wrong was that!

No matter how equally she treated both, Mrs.

Jiang couldnt help feeling sorry for her daughter.

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