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Chapter 2920 Are You Planning to Never Return

Jiang Yujie knew her lies were weak and couldnt withstand being poked at.

She didnt want to worry her family.

Hence, she only informed them right before going.

But in the future, after she kept refusing contact with them, wont they suspect something

Jiang Yujie sighed before finally saying, “I just want to take a breather.

“I… I just want to relax and throw everything away, explore other places.” Jiang Huaizhou might not understand her words, but Mr and Mrs.

Jiang did.

Both knew the business trip was just an excuse.

Jiang Yujie only wanted to escape the past, take a breather, or even start anew.


Jiang couldnt get a word out.

Even though Mr.

Jiang moved his lips, he couldnt say anything against it either.

If this was the reason, he couldnt make Jiang Yujie return.

“But you didnt have to leave so hurriedly,” Mr.

Jiang said lamely.

The force behind his words had weakened.

“Dad, Mom, take care of yoursleves,” Jiang Yujie said.

“What are you saying! Are you planning to never return” Mrs.

Jiang instantly shot back.

“Of course not! Its just that Ill not be around to take care of you guys at this time, so its just a reminder,” Jiang Yujie said as she smiled.

“Also, you have to listen to Brother.

You both cant be so stubborn anymore.

Frankly, youre both getting older and arent as quick-thinking as youngsters, so listen to Brother more no matter what.

Dont let him worry about you while hes setting up his business.”

“Listen to yourself, well certainly listen to your brother,” Mrs.

Jiang replied.

“Like were both young children.”

Jiang Yujie quickly smiled in apology.

“I spoke wrongly.

Anyway, Im assured with Brother around.”

“Then… where are you going Youve got to tell us, right” Mrs.

Jiang pressed.

“Im not sure yet.

Im traveling wherever my legs take me.

Its my first time traveling like this, without a destination or plan, just following my heart.

I just want to do everything based on my own will for once,” Jiang Yujie replied.

“But where are you going now Youve got to rest somewhere, right” Mrs.

Jiang questioned.

Jiang Yujie was silent for a moment.

“Mom, stop asking, please.

You guys dont have to find me.

Dont worry, really.”

“How can we not worry with you being like this” Jiang Huaizhou said in a low voice.

Jiang Huaizhou found it strange.


and Mrs.

Jiang were against Jiang Yujie going overseas at first.

How come both stopped arguing against her with just a few words

He felt that there must be something about Jiang Yujie that their parents knew but not him.

“If I say it, will you come and find me” Jiang Yujie asked back.

The three became silent.

Even Jiang Huaizhou.

He would find her, obviously.

Shes alone outside.

How could he not worry

Jiang Yujie smiled in understanding.

“So Im not telling you.

I just want to explore on my own.

Regarding some things I have to think through, you guys wont be able to help.

“Moreover, Brothers just setting up his business.

He needs to focus.

How can I let him be distracted from his career just to find me”

Jiang Huaizhou frowned.

“I wont be distracted.

No matter where I am, I can work as long as I have a computer and a phone.”

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