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“Once he knows the truth, Id have nowhere to hide.

I know he wont despise me, but Ill hate myself, and I wont be able to face his guilt towards me.

“I know I may be being selfish by leaving.

My brother will only feel more guilty afterward.

But I really… really cant worry about these things anymore.

I… I just want to relax for once, not face all these…

“Moreover, as long as Im around, my dad will always be afraid Id get too close to my brother,” Jiang Yujie said.

Jiang Yujie smiled.

“Since I already told you so much, I dont mind telling you more.

My brother and I arent true siblings.

Were a stepfamily.

After my father died, my mom brought me along and remarried my current dad.

So my current dad is my stepfather.

“Because I dont have any blood relations with my brother, after we grew up, they… especially Dad, they were afraid we id have inappropriate feelings for each other, ” Jiang Yujie said.

“Now that Brother is back.

Dads worry has grown even more, I wanted to move out originally, its only that my brother might disagree.

I was scared hed think hed stolen my place in the family and had forced me out.

Anyway, itll just create more problems, so its better for me to go travel.

I can treat it like a holiday and tell my family Im working overseas.”

Jiang Yujies decision made Lu Man recall how she told the same lie to Xia Qingwei to not let her worry in her previous life.

Those were different circumstances, though.

Lu Man sighed.

“l can give you a place to put your luggage.

As for where youre going, you can choose not to say.

Because if you tell me and your family comes searching for you, I wont keep your location a secret.

To me, them seeking you out means [ should let you all have a chance to talk it out.

“Of course, its just my own assumptions,” Lu Man said.

“This is your private matter.

What you choose and do is your own choice.”

“Thank you.” JiangYujie nodded with a smile, grateful that Lu Man told her everything and gave her a choice.

“Then… I just need a place for my luggageÜ Jiang Yujie said.

Shes keeping her whereabouts from Lu Man then.

Jiang Yujie continued, “I havent thought of where to go eventually.

Ive only bought a plane tidket to Dali, but thats certainly not my final destination, As for how long Im staying there and where Im going, I have no idea yet,”

She didnt mean to hide it from Lu Man.

But Lu Man didnt mind whether Jiang Yujie did it on purpose.

She wasnt a close friend of Jiang Yujie whom she had to spill every secret to,

The place Lu Man mentioned to Jiang Yujie was actually Shi Xiaoyas office.

It was only a luggage space.

Jiang Yujie wasnt staying there.

Lu Man gave Shi Xiaoya a heads-up.

She didnt mention Jiang Yujies matter, only saying that Jiang Yujie wanted to borrow a space in the office to place her luggage temporarily.



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