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Chapter 2912 Only a Few Yuan

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Obviously, he would not spend all of his money.

He still had to keep some for his next plans.

If he dared to spend it all, his family would not be happy as well.

Jiang Huaizhou bought his gifts for Mr.

Jiang and Mrs.

Jiang, then looked for one for Jiang Yujie.

He entered a store and saw a tiny heart necklace made from red coral at the counter.

The tiny red heart looked exquisite and cute.

The necklace did not look eye-catching, but when he saw this beautiful red color, Jiang Huaizhou thought about Jiang Yujies snow white skin.

She would look gorgeous wearing this tiny red heart.

“Sir, which one do you want to look at Shall I take it out for you to have a look” said the shop assistant, smiling while walking over.

Jiang Huaizhou was fair-skinned and handsome, and he gave people a good first impression.

Jiang Huaizhou pointed at the tiny red heart through the glass.

“I want to take a look at this.”

“This is the classic style of our brand,” said the shop assistant.

“It seems really ordinary, but in reality, it looks amazing and chic when worn.”

The shop assistant took out two necklaces from the cabinet.

There were two sizes of the red heart on the necklaces.

“But most people will choose the smaller one as it is exquisite and cute,” said the shop assistant.

Jiang Huaizhou was a little surprised that the shop assistant would recommend the smaller one.

After all, the bigger one was a lot more expensive than the smaller one.

Jiang Huaizhou held the two necklaces up and looked at them.

He wondered whether the smaller one was too tiny and not eye-catching enough.

It seemed like the shop assistant had seen through his concerns, so he placed both the red hearts on the back of his hand.

“You can compare it this way,” said the shop assistant.

“This is a collarbone necklace, so after it is worn, the tiny red heart will be right in the middle of the collarbones.”

Jiang Huaizhou imagined it for a while.

Jiang Yujies collarbones were beautiful and refined.

Once this tiny heart was placed at the edge of her collarbone, the contrast between the red and the white would be vivid.

Then he felt that it suited Jiang Yujie.

On the other hand, the big red heart did not have the feeling of being cute and exquisite.

So in the end, Jiang Huaizhou still bought the tiny red heart.

Then, he carried the gifts for Mr.

Jiang, Mrs.

Jiang, and Jiang Yujie to the restaurant where he had a reservation and waited there.

That restaurant had a good reputation and environment.

Its price was also acceptable.

He even reserved a private room that was just big enough for the four of them.

After Jiang Huaizhou had waited in the room for a while, Mr.

Jiang, Mrs.

Jiang, and Jiang Yujie arrived.


Jiang and Mrs.

Jiang had actually not eaten outside in many years.

The two were not even willing to eat at food stalls or small restaurants.

They felt that that money was better off used to cook something for themselves as it was cleaner and cheaper.


Jiang even calculated the cost of buying the ingredients, the gas, the peanut oil, the seasonings, and such, and she found out that it was a lot cheaper than eating at small restaurants outside.

So no matter how tired and busy the two were sometimes, they would not eat outside just to make things easy.

After Jiang Yujie graduated and started earning money, she brought the two out to have a meal once.

In the end, the two calculated the money that was wasted and thought that it was better to eat at home.


Jiangs cooking was also delicious.

This and that were all much better at home.

Whenever they ate a dish, Mrs.

Jiang would say, “I can cook this too.

Dont eat this outside; when you want to eat this, I will cook it for you at home.”

Or she would say, “Isnt this just fried vegetables In restaurants, it costs dozens a plate.

At home, it only costs a few yuan.”.

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