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Chapter 2910 Nothing to Do with This Life

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When she saw the text of the article, she found that it was almost the same as what was written on the newspaper.

“No! No!” Xia Qingyang got up, absentminded.

She did not close the webpage or turn off the computer.

She just went out in low spirits.

The prison guard did not have the time to worry about the computer.

She followed Xia Qingyang and contacted her colleague to turn off the computer.

Once she saw that Xia Qingyang had made her way back, she stopped focusing on her.

She did not expect Xia Qingyang to go crazy.

Whenever she met someone, she would ask, “Say, Lu Qi is dead, is it real”

Whether it was a prison guard or a cellmate, whenever she saw someone, she would ask them this.

She asked every prison guard and cellmate.

And she did not just ask one time.

Those who were lucky were only asked once.

Most people were asked more than three to four times.

Xia Qingyangs roommate was the unluckiest.

Ever since Xia Qingyang returned, she kept asking her roommate.

The roommates effort to answer her a few times was futile; it was as though Xia Qingyang did not hear her answer.

Xia Qingyang continued asking without stopping.

She did this until her roommate was so irritated that she was about to break down, so the roommate went to the prison guard.

The prison guard saw that Xia Qingyang was not in a good state, so she sent Xia Qingyang for a checkup.

Who would have expected that Xia Qingyang had really gone insane

Lu Man did not tell Lu Qiyuan about Lu Qis death.

It was because that man was a selfish man like Lu Qi.

Because of Lu Qs betrayal, for a long time now, Lu Qiyuan and Lu Qi had stopped contacting each other.

He probably did not recognize Lu Qias his daughter anymore.

Even if she told Lu Qiyuan, it would not affect him.

And Lu Man was unwilling to look at Lu Qiyuans face, so she did not go to see him.

After a few days, she heard about Xia Qingyang going insane in prison.

After that, Lu Man stopped paying attention to things related to them.

“Among my enemies in my past life, two are dead and one has gone crazy.

Finally, I have received closure.” Lu Man sighed after hearing about this news.

Han Zhuoli held her hand while placing his other hand on her bulging stomach.

“You had a chance to do it all over again, to choose a completely different life from your past life.

You have done it.

Actually, since long ago, you already have nothing to do with them, and they cant hurt you anymore.”

Since she was reborn, she had to get rid of her past trauma.

Finally, with the death of He Zhengbai and Lu Qi, and with Xia Qingyang going mad, Lu Man had finally gotten out of it.

“Mhmm.” Lu Man nodded.

“I think that now their matter has ended, from now on, I wont think about my past life anymore.

I will focus on this life.

Whatever happened in my past life has nothing to do with this life.”

From now on, she was truly starting a new life.


Lu Man did not tell Lu Qiyuan about Lu Qi.

However, Han Zhuoli still asked someone to tell Lu Qiyuan.

He did not go himself.

He was busy taking care of Lu Man, and how much dignity did Lu Qiyuan have to be worthy of Han Zhuoli seeing him himself

Lu Qiyuan was not his proper father-in-law.

n prison, Lu Qiyuan heard about what happened to Lu Qi and He Zhengbai.

He had mixed feelings.

He wanted to laugh, because this was Lu Qis and He Zhengbais punishment!

He was so good to Lu Qi, but that ingrate plotted against him with other people.

ow, it was good.

She did not listen to him and betrayed him; in the end, she married a bad person.

She suffered a lot with the He family, and in the end, she could not even save her own life..

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