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Chapter 2908 Everything on Here Is True

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As such, Lu Qis matters could not be suppressed anymore.

So it became a trending search.

If this continued, it would be on the news tonight.

Lu Man just wanted to tell Xia Qingyang about this.

Now that she had said it, she had no other intentions.

So Lu Man did not say anything more to her.

She put the phone back.

Xia Qingyang put it back in despair.

Her gaze was straight, but it was blank.

Even if Lu Man was standing right in front of her with a glass in between them, it was as though Xia Qingyang did not see her.

She turned around and walked back.

Sadly, Xia Qingyangs body was very healthy and she had no sickness, so she could not die from the anger.

Lu Man looked at Xia Qingyangs staggering figure from the back, but she did not feel soft-hearted at all.

Xia Qingyang felt this way for Lu Qi.

In the past life, when Xia Qingwei heard similar news, she could not imagine what pain it must have caused her for her sickness to be triggered, causing her to die.

When it came to Xia Qingyang, she had no thoughts about doing to others what you want others to do to you.

She only knew that she had to exact revenge!

When Xia Qingyang returned, she kept waiting for the break time in the afternoon so she could read the newspapers.

When it was finally that time, Xia Qingyang immediately found the evening paper for that day.

Her hand trembled as she prepared to look for news regarding Lu Qi on every page of the newspaper.

Unexpectedly, the moment she took the newspaper, she saw a bolded and stirring title on the headlines of the front page.

“Once-famous actress died in fire.”

Xia Qingyang started trembling.

Her heart felt cold and her mind went blank.

Then, she finally gathered some focus to look at the content.

The article said, “Actress Lu Qi, who played the main character inWoman Schemes;Royal Concubine, and other movies, was confirmed to have died in a fire in a sample house right beside Jincheng Garden on the

night of the 23rd.

The sample house had huge hidden dangers as it even had a gas tank used for cooking.

The fire detonated the gas tank, causing an explosion…”

Xia Qingyang was in no mood to continue reading the rest.

She was in distress, not knowing what to do.

She threw the newspaper down, got up, and walked a few steps before returning to take the newspaper on the table to the prison guard.

“Everything on here is true” Xia Qingyang was now suspecting that Lu Man had had this newspaper specially printed and sent here to deceive her!

With Han Zhuolis power, this could definitely be done.

Xia Qingyang would rather believe this than believe that Lu Qi was already dead.

After she entered, other than the two times that Lu Qi came to visit in the beginning, Lu Qi never came again.

And Xia Qingyang was not stupid.

In here, she could actually think things through.

Her entering jail was probably a trap that He Zhengbai and Lu Qi had set up.

It was so she could take the rap for He Zhengbais crimes.

While she was outside, there were a few times when Xia Qingyang had noticed how unreliable Lu Qi was.

She remembered that she had already been betrayed by Lu Qia few times.

She also felt disheartened before, knowing that she could not rely on her own daughter.

However, no matter what, Lu Qi was still her daughter.

Every time, she told herself to watch out for Lu Qi and not to be strung along by her.

But at the last minute, she would forget the words of warning that she told herself.

Every time she got too excited, she would only think for the good of Lu Qi and would do anything.

It was all to let Lu Qi have a good life..

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