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Chapter 2902 How Is a B*tch Like You Still Alive

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He Zhengbais mouth was trembling.

Lu… It was Lu Qi…

But how could it be Lu Qi!

She was already dead!

“Yes, Iam dead,” said Lu Qi creepily.

“But I died unjustly.

I was burned to death by you, and the explosion ruined my whole face beyond recognition.”

Lu Qi came nearer to him.

“Look at my face.

I looked so good before.”

While Lu Qi was talking, her face suddenly changed.

Her features also moved.

The hideous and uneven blotches and blisters all disappeared.

It became Lu Qis white and smooth face again.

t still looked beautiful.

The terrifying look also disappeared.

However, He Zhengbais fear was not reduced at all.

it was even more terrifying to look at Lu Qis beautiful face now.

He felt strangely frightened.

“But I died such a miserable death and I now look like this!” When Lu Qi finished speaking, her face changed again.

tt returned to the look from before, in which all the features were melted together.

“What do you want to do!”

He Zhengbai wanted to say that, but he could not make a sound.

Suddenly, liquid dripped from Lu Qis eyes onto He Zhengbais face.

The smell of petrol became stronger and stronger.

“He Zhengbai, for you, I sacrificed so much and put in so much effort, but you wanted to kill me for some benefits!” Lu Qis voice was stern.

“If you didnt want to give money, you should have just said so! But you simply killed me straight away! He Zhengbai, you wont die an easy death!

“Yes, youre indeed not dying an easy death now.” Lu Qi smiled, tearing her skin and showing her flesh.

There was a liquid that smelled like petrol leaking from her mouth and dripping onto He Zhengbais face again.

“Look at yourself now.

Are you in pain” Lu Qi tilted her head into a weird angle.

Her head and her neck were at a right angle.

“Youre in agony and everywhere hurts, right You dont even dare to move, right It hurts even to blink, right You cant even open your mouth” Lu Qi smiled cruelly.

“These feelings, I had all of them when I was being burned by the fire,” said Lu Qi.

“But I only suffered for a while.

Its gone when I died.

Unlike you, wholl have to bear the pain constantly.”

He Zhengbai was shivering from fear.

Lu Qi mentioned every one of his conditions.

He was hateful and frightened.

“As long as you dont die, you will continue to suffer like this.

This is your punishment.” Lu Qi looked at He Zhengbais face carefully.

“But I cant tell, is it better for you to die or to live in suffering Letting you die like this is letting you off too lightly.

However, if you live, although youll be suffering, Ill still feel that its not enough to appease my anger.

am already dead, but how is a b*tch like you still alive”

Lu Qi held He Zhengbais neck.

“Should I let you die”

He Zhengbai trembled even more.

“Oh, right, perhaps I can let you suffer more before letting you die, then I will kill you.

That way, I will kill two birds with one stone,” said Lu Qi as she held He Zhengbais neck more strongly.

He Zhengbai could clearly feel the coldness from her hand.

The bandage rubbed against his neck and the wounds on it.

He Zhengbai was in so much pain that tears jumped out from his eyes.

“But its such a waste of time to let you suffer bit by bit.

I cant wait anymore,” said Lu Qi.

“I want to kill you now.”.

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