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Chapter 2901 I Beg You, Let Me Go!

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The “person” in front lowered its head slowly, inching closer to his face.

That face was hideous and scary.

The features of the face were melted.

One eye was above while the other was beside the nose.

The nose was crooked and the nostrils could not even be seen.

The bone in the nose was visible.

There was no upper lip, and the lower lip was filled with scars and blisters, showing the gums inside.

There were no teeth left.

A hand extended towards him slowly.

Its face was almost sticking to He Zhengbais face.

The most terrifying thing was that there were eyeballs in those eye sockets.

A liquid that smelled like petrol kept dripping from the eye sockets.

He Zhengbai was so horrified that he even held his breath.

ff he could open his eyes, his eyeballs would probably have popped out right now.

He knew who this person in front of him was.

tt was Lu Qi!

it was the dead Lu Qi!

He Zhengbai felt that his heart was going to stop.

He wanted to scream, but he could not make a single sound.

ot only could he not make a single sound, but his throat also hurt from trying to open his mouth.

He Zhengbai wanted to scream for help and call in people from outside.

However, he could not make any sound.

Where were the people!

Where were the people!

He Zhengbais tears almost flowed out.

Was… was this Lu Qi

Lu Qi… Lu Qi was already dead!

Although he passed out during the explosion, right before he did so, he saw Lu Qi die in the flames with his own eyes.

That sample house was completely destroyed by the explosion.

It was impossible that Lu Qi was still alive.

So what was this thing!

He Zhengbai did not even care about the pain in his throat.

Using all his strength, unmindful even if his throat broke, even if he spat blood, he wanted to scream for help.

But it still did not work.

He had tried so hard, but he still could not make any sound.

It seemed that the thing in front of him knew his intentions.

It suddenly opened its mouth before him.

The corner of her mouth broke open, moving the skin beside it.

Suddenly, a piece of skin dangled down.

Past her mouth, He Zhengbai could see that there were no teeth inside.

The inside of her mouth was black, and a foul stench was mixed in with the smell of petrol.

“Let go of me!”

“I beg you, let go of me!”

He Zhengbai moved his mouth.

As he could not make a sound, he wanted to let her see the shape of his mouth clearly.

However, he could not even open his mouth now, so how could she know what he was saying by looking at the shape of his mouth

But it was as though she knew.

The hand, which was full of wounds and blisters, was placed on his neck suddenly.

He Zhengbai quivered.

His neck was clearly covered in bandages, but he could still feel her bone-chilling coldness seep through the bandages and to his neck.

“Do you know who | am” the person asked suddenly.

He Zhengbai opened his mouth, showing that he could not talk.

The person smiled creepily.

“But you already guessed it, right”

He Zhengbais pupils dilated.

“Youre scared now that you know When you killed me, you were very bold!” said the person.

“You took the chair and used it to hit me continuously.

The leg of the chair even broke, but you still did not let me go.

“You enjoyed hitting me, right” The person tilted her head and inched closer to him.

“You think that youre very capable, right You chose to burn me because you felt that it wont leave any trace, right”.

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