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Chapter 2898 Is This Appropriate

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“So you tell them…” He Qingyang gave Yang Lin a glance and walked a few steps to the corner impatiently before saying softly, “Tell them that Zhengbai overrode me and asked you to rent that house.

You dont know

whats the use of that house as well.

“As you dont know anything, Zhengbai has not told you about what he wanted to do.

You just rented the house, so this is not related to you at all.

Even if something really happened, I will definitely give you benefits,”

said He Qingyang softly.

He had to make his assistant feel at ease first, then he promised him benefits.

The assistant also knew that he only went to rent a house.

He actually had no responsibility.

And he indeed had just gone to rent a house.

As for what the house was rented for, he did not know.

After all, He Qingyang could never tell the assistant such a huge thing like using fire to kill someone.

The assistant called mainly because he did not know what he should say.

He did not know if he should say that he was ordered by He Qingyang.

If he gave He Qingyang away, he did not know what would be the consequence for him.

Now, he heard He Qingyang giving clear instructions to talk about He Zhengbai straight away.

So the assistant was finally relieved.

Since it was ordered by He Qingyang, it had nothing to do with him.

He Zhengbai had gotten into trouble.

The sample house that was rented went up in flames and exploded, and Lu Qi died in the fire and subsequent explosion.

From that, the assistant knew that the intention behind renting this sample house was probably to kill Lu Qi.

During that time, the assistant froze.

He only wished that the police would not investigate him.

He did not expect that he would not be able to avoid it.

So the assistant came to inquire of He Qingyang.

He Qingyangs words were as good as a confession.

tt made the assistant confirm his own guess.

Since it was He Qingyang who made him rent this house, this meant that He Qingyang knew what He Zhengbai would do from the start.

He Qingyang was considered an accomplice.

He did not expect that He Qingyang would betray his own son to protect himself.

He Zhengbai killed someone and he deserved it.

However, the action of He Qingyang betraying his own son to save himself still shocked the assistant.

The assistant was horrified as he listened.

He did not expect He Qingyang to be so cruel.

The assistant could not help but feel afraid.

He Qingyang just betrayed his son straight away.

He did not even blink.

He was just a puny assistant; He Qingyang might betray him because of something.

While the assistant was still in the call, he was already thinking about resigning.

it was so terrifying.

The assistant did not dare to work for him anymore.

He Qingyang still did not know what his assistant was thinking, and he said to the assistant, “No need to mention me.

I dont know anything, and you dont know anything too.

You knew nothing about Zhengbais plans.”

“C… CEO,” said the assistant, full of uncertainty.

“Is this appropriate”

He Qingyang knew that the assistant was not sure whether they could just betray He Zhengbai like that.

After all, He Zhengbai was He Qingyangs son.

He could not just sell him out at will.

The assistant was afraid that He Qingyang was just testing him.

He Qingyang said, “This is what I said.

You dont have to worry.

You also know that Zhengbai has been injured beyond recognition.

We dont even know if he can wake up.

You can just push all the responsibility to


If Zhengbai doesnt wake up, the police cant do anything to him either.”.

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