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Chapter 2896: The CEOs Character Was Ruined

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Or else, he would at least have had a masterpiece that he could show after being a director for so many years.

It did not need to be a movie that had insane box office sales or viewership ratings.

But at least, it had to be a movie that made people realize that they had heard about the movie when his name was mentioned.

At least it had to be something that people had heard before even if they had never watched it.

“So you directed this movie” There should be people who said this.

How good this movie was filmed and the results of the movie might not be talked about.

But at least it had to be familiar to people.

There were so many movies that left a great impression on people.

Although they did not know the director, they had at least heard about the names of the movies.

Through the movies, they could find out who the director was.

But He Zhengbai did not have any.

Up until now, his greatest achievements were some online films that few knew about.

The actors were awkward, and the whole film was filled with an awkward atmosphere.

This was thanks to the He family, who kept investing in He Zhengbai.

If not for that, He Zhengbai would not even be able to make these small unpopular films.

The He family had invested a lot and felt that giving money to He Zhengbai was like throwing it into the fire; they could not even see a result.

Zhengbai.Soin investing Hethey stopped

It could be seen that He Zhengbai really did not have the skills.

Even his family gave up on his career.

As he did not have any skills, his career had no hope.

So He Zhengbai could them.deceivingmarryingdepend feelingsonly onpeoples and

It could not be shown to the public.

It was because Lu Man knew that his career could not make it, so she had asked about his relationships.

sawover.After Man lookHan Zhuoli Lu sheasked,

Although Han Zhuoli knew that Lu Man would not have any unforgettable thoughts about He Zhengbai, this did not stop him from being jealous.

His own wife was trying to hear about her ex-boyfriends relationships.

If he did not get jealous now, was he supposed to get jealous next year

Lu Man speechless.was

Lu Man immediately explained, “Its because his career is a useless piece of sh*t.

This kind of prick wont try to improve his own capabilities.

He will only do some improper things.

When he was with Lu Qi, its because he saw that Lu Qi was loved by the Lu family.

So I am wondering whether hes trying to

deceive a daughter of someones family.”

Han Zhuoli humphed, full of jealousy.

“You know a lot about him.”


Lu was

It was enough!

Being a little jealous was fine.

Dont cross the line.

moved probablyHanLuheMan Mans got fromhis what Zheng Terrified, gaze.

gazefrom her Zhuoli Lumeanttoface.


Zheng Tianming was speechless.

In front of him, the CEO should at least be more careful and maintain the strong character of a CEO.

front Lu Tianming.

in wasnotanything.

saidhadembarrass even obviouslyof Zheng She Man tryingtoHanZhuolinot

Who would expect Han Zhuoli to feel terrified first

“What are you looking at Didnt you hear Man Mans question Tell her immediately,” said Han Zhuoli immediately, hiding his fear.




The CEOs character was ruined.

was from backTherethat.


He would not be scared by the CEO anymore!

Zheng Tianming smiled and said, “According to what I know, He Zhengbai has been pretty close with Sun Jingfei recently.”

faces, Tianming Sun Zhuolissmiledexplained,the JingfeiZhengfamily, _ LuYimei “Sunofowns SeeingHantheandthe Mans isdaughterwhichCorporation.and confused

Han Zhuoli recognized it.

The Yimei Corporation was still not in the ranks here..

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