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Chapter 2891: See How Miserable He Is Now

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“Linguired about it.

Judging by the wound, it looks like its been torn right off.”

Lu Man took a deep breath.

Just listening to it put her in agony.

Lu Man was curious.

Zheng Tianming was like Bai Xiaosheng.

‘Where did he inquire about these things from

“The police has asked the other residents in the other sample houses, but they dont know what happened.

The original resident of that sample house said that he rented out the house last minute.

However, because its a sample house and did not have any documentation, he took the money and rented

out the house; he did not even know who it was.

“As for the neighbors around, they only found out after the explosion that night.

Before that, they knew nothing, As that sample house was at the end, there was an empty courtyard in the middle, so the sound of the explosion did not really reach there.

“Now, the only person that knows anything is He Zhengbai, but he is still in a coma.

Its unknown whether he can wake up, so everything has to wait for He Zhengbai to wake up.”

“The casualty is confirmed to be Lu Qi” asked Lu Man.


The police tested the DNA and it matched with Lu Qis,” said Zheng Tianming.

“But Lu Qiyuan and Xia Qingyang are both in jail now, so nobody can collect Lu Qis corpse.”

This was tragic.

Seeing that Lu Man was interested, Han Zhuoli said to Zheng Tianming, “Go back and continue to follow up on this matter.”

Zheng Tianming chuckled in his heart and silently said, “Sweet.”

‘When he only just came in to talk about this, the CEO seemed uninterested.

Now, he was requesting a follow-up.

This was such a fickle scum.

After reporting this, Zheng Tianming went out.

However, Han Zhuoli still asked Mo Jingcheng to verify it.

Although he did not leak information regarding cases to others, Mo Jingcheng had nothing to hide from Han Zhuoli, so he shared everything that he knew.

“Currently, the police still think that He Zhengbai is a huge suspect.

Thats because, in one of the cloths left on his body, there was a small bloodstain on his pants,” said Mo Jingcheng.

Mo Jingcheng did not know that there was actually a huge bloodstain on that pants.

However, as the fire burned a lot of his pants, there was only a tiny stain left.

But it was enough.

“The bloodstain has gone through testing and it belongs to Lu Qi,” said Mo Jingcheng, “We still dont know under what circumstance was Lu Qi bleeding and why it was on He Zhengbais pants.

We have to wait for He Zhengbai to wake up.”

He added, “Were now looking for the person that rented that sample house.”

Knowing the matter between Lu Man and Lu Qi, Mo Jingcheng did not hide anything.

Besides, Lu Man was also considered Lu Qis family.

Was giving the family of the dead updates regarding the case a problem

After hanging up, Lu Man was eating watermelon subconsciously.

She looked like she was in deep thought.

Han Zhuoli asked, “Should we go see He Zhengbai”

Lu Man was still deep in her thoughts, and she only reacted to Han Zhuoli after a while.

Lu Man was confused.

“Why should we go see He Zhengbai”

“To see how miserable he is now.” Han Zhuolis smile became a little ferocious.

He thought about how miserable He Zhengbai and Lu Qi made Lu Man in the past life.

It was He Zhengbais tum in this life.

How could they not take a look

Lu Man saw that Han Zhuoli was angrier than her.

She felt that if they did not go see He Zhengbais sorry state, Han Zhuoli would not be at ease.

So she nodded.


Lets go see it, then.”

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