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Chapter 2887: Then Lets Die Together

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“He Zhengbai!” Lu Qi probably realized that she was not going out alive.

She let out a shrill scream as she pounced on He Zhengbai.

He Zhengbai was already at the door, but he was held on tightly by Lu Qi from behind.

It was like He Zhengbai was carrying Lu Qi.

As Lu Qi was behind him, and He Zhengbai could not throw her off no matter how hard he struggled.

He extended his arms to the back, but it was not easy to exert force in that position.

Lu Qi held on tightly to He Zhengbai with both arms and legs.

“You want to kill me, right You want to kill me!” Lu Qi was furious, her eyes so wide that they were going to drop out.

When He Zhengbai was pouring the petrol on her, she had used her arm to protect her face.

So there was no petrol on her face.

‘When the flames were almost at her face, it was not so fast anymore.

The flames on Lu Qis body also stuck to He Zhengbais body.

Lu Qi held on to He Zhengbai with all her might, wanting to die together with him.

The tears that flowed out from Lu Qis eyes were evaporated by the heat from the flames.

It was as though she could not feel the pain anymore.

She was furious.

If there was a next life, she hoped that she would not meet He Zhengbai again.

She was still so young!

She did not expect He Zhengbai to be such a prick!

He failed the deal; he was unwilling to spend money nor take a step back.

He wanted to just kill her.

How did she like such a prick!

Lu Qi felt an infinite amount of regret.

How nice would it have been if she had not met He Zhengbai in this life

Even if shed met He Zhengbai, it would have been nice if she was not deceived by his outer appearance and did not get together with him.

So many things would not have happened.

She would still have been the Lu familys beloved youngest daughter.

Her parents would still be here and would not be in jail.

Her family would not have had a downfall.

But now, her parents were in jail and nobody could help her.

She became someone who could be bullied by everyone.

He Zhengbai cheated on her and wanted to divorce her.

She was just angry, but was not really sad.

She was still young, so even if she divorced, it was not a big deal.

She could just treat it that she was blind and met a b*tch.

She could just find another person in the future.

It was easier to find an investor while being single anyway.

She would not bring trouble to herself or the investor.

The investor would be more willing to take her over.

Who knew that He Zhengbai would want to kill her!

Lu Qi was crying tears of blood.

She was still so young, but she had to end her life here.

Lu Qi was filled with hatred.

She had an unlimited amount of hatred and anger but nowhere to vent it to.

She just felt that if she died with He Zhengbai, He Zhengbai would die without being able to release his anger and hatred.

In those final moments, He Zhengbai suddenly exerted force, wanting to throw Lu Qi off him.

Although Lu Qis body was being burned by the flames, her mind was clear like never before.

She could not let He Zhengbai escape.

She could not die for no reason!

If she died and let He Zhengbai escape, it might be tantamount to letting He Zhengbai escape this whole thing just like this.

She might really die for no reason, but He Zhengbai would not be caught.

Lu Qi knew that death could not be avoided, and even if she survived out of luck, what could she do

Her face and body were ruined by the fire.

She was finished.

She would have to have such an ugly appearance and suffer unending pain.

It was better if she died.

“Prick!” screamed Lu Qi.

“You want me dead, right Then lets die together!”

After she finished speaking, Lu Qi opened her mouth and took a big bite of He Zhengbais ear.

With boundless hatred, Lu Qi wanted to bite He Zhengbais ear off..

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