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Chapter 2885: What Are You Doing!

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Now, Lu Qi saw He Zhengbai appear at the entrance.

She pursed her lips and walked over.

“Why did you choose this place” complained Lu Qi.

She followed He Zhengbai into the room.

The house was rented last minute; the setup of the previous worker did not change.

The moment she entered, a strong stench of smoke, combined with the smell of stinky socks, hit Lu Qis nose.

It almost made Lu Qi vomit.

He Zhengbai had been staying here for a while.

At first, he could not bear it as well.

However, after staying here for so long, he began to get used to it.

Lu Qi covered her nose and did not even dare to open her mouth.

It was as though if she opened her mouth, the stench would enter through it and dirty her mouth.

She saw that He Zhengbai had nothing with him; he did not bring anything.

“Wheres the money” asked Lu Qi impatiently.

“Tbrought a check,” said He Zhengbai as he took out a checkbook from the inner pocket of his suit.

He opened it, intending to write it on the spot.

Dissatisfied, Lu Qi said, “Why didnt you write it beforehand”

“Twill write it in front of you so you can have a look,” said He Zhengbai.

However, the house did not have the lights on, so He Zhengbai could not see clearly.

He said, “Turn on your phones flashlight and shine it for me.”

Lu Qi frowned.

Unwillingly, she said, “Then why dont you tum on the lights in the house”

Only a little bit of the houses interior could be seen from the light from outside.

Obviously, He Zhengbai could not tum on the light.

If he turned it on, everything would be exposed.

Because of this, He Zhengbai came early and took out all the light bulbs.

He explained to Lu Qi, “This house does not have any lights.

This kind of last-minute sample house doesnt even have proper wiring.

How can it have lights”

Lu Qi pursed her lips as she tuned on the flashlight of her phone, shining it on the checkbook.

He Zhengbai frowned and said, “Come here next to me.

Dont shine the light in my eyes, I cant even open them.”

“Why do you have so many problems” said Lu Qi impatiently.

But thinking about the money, she walked to He Zhengbais side and shone the light coming out of the phone camera on the desk.

He Zhengbai pretended to take out a pen and was about to write on the check.

Unexpectedly, he got up suddenly and pulled Lu Qi.

Lu Qi did not expect He Zhengbai to do this all of a sudden.

Without even realizing it, she fell from He Zhengbais pull.

There were wooden desks and stools in this sample house.

They were all built from old abandoned materials or leftover ones that were picked up by the workers.

The wooden stool that they picked up was already made.

The angular square stool had splinters coming out of it, and its paint was flaking from its edge because it was so old.

Lu Qi crashed on the wooden stool.

She did not stand steadily and fell down together with the wooden stool.

Her lower back, hip, and legs all crashed on the wooden stool.

Her lower back hit the corner of the wooden stool.

Tears of pain flowed out.

Her whole body was in agony.

Her hip was jammed into the space in between the legs of the wooden stool, and her leg knocked against the leg of the wooden stool.

Lu Qi was in so much pain, she could not even roll around, not to mention stand up.

He Zhengbai dashed to the side, took out a bottle of petrol that was hidden in the dark, and poured it on Lu Qi.

‘When she smelled the petrol, Lu Qi began panicking.

“He Zhengbai, what are you doing!” Lu Qi covered her face with her hand, but there was still a lot of petrol that was poured over her face.

Lu Qi was so scared that she wanted to stand up immediately.

However, the more she panicked, the harder it was for her to stand..

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