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Chapter 2882: Why Are We Meeting So Late at Night

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Through the phone, Lu Qi could hear the sound of him gritting his teeth.

But He Zhengbai had to behave like this so that Lu Qi would not suspect anything.

He Zhengbai knew this clearly, so he intentionally acted as if he was reluctant.

However, Lu Qi was not surprised about He Zhengbais choice.

If He Zhengbai had chosen to divorce her a day early to save fifty million, then Lu Qi would have had to put her guard up.

He Zhengbai definitely wanted to get rid of her as soon as possible.

If he did not rush to get rid of her to save money, this meant that He Zhengbai had other plans against her.

After hearing He Zhengbais choice, Lu Qi let out a sigh of relief.

If He Zhengbai was willing to cooperate, everything would be simpler for everyone involved.

However, Lu Qi did not know that He Zhengbai chose this purely because Lu Qi was going to die.

He therefore did not need to give her the money as well.

So no matter what he chose, he would not suffer a loss.

But he knew that this choice could put Lu Qis mind at peace.

As expected, without any suspicions, Lu Qi answered, “Okay.”

“At 11:30 tonight, lets meet.

I will give you the money in person,” said He Zhengbai.

“I need to take pictures of the evidence as a record to prevent you from denying that I have paid.”

Being cautious, Lu Qi said, “Why are we meeting so late at night”

He Zhengbai thought that, obviously, it had to be late at night.

It would not be convenient for him to make a move if it was in the day.

But to Lu Qi, He Zhengbai explained, “I have no interest in you at all now.

Do you think that I want to do anything with you In broad daylight, what if people saw us Dont forget, I have already told the public that we have no relationship at all.

“What if people took pictures of us meeting and thought that we have some sort of relationship, like that we fell back in love or something” said He Zhengbai, full of dislike.

“I am with Sun Jingfei now.

If bad news is created because of this, itll not be easy to explain to the Sun family.”

Lu Qi accepted He Zhengbais explanation, but she was still itching with irritation.

She had already shed all pretenses of cordiality with He Zhengbai and they definitely did not have any feelings anymore.

There was no possibility for them to continue on.

However, when she heard He Zhengbai talk about another woman unscrupulously, Lu Qi was still filled with hatred.

“Okay,” Lu Qi agreed.

He Zhengbai immediately stated the address.

Lu Qi had never even heard of that area.

She hung up and searched it online, and she found out that it was an area that was still developing.

She thought that He Zhengbai was being detailed.

He was scared that people would find out, so he chose a place that was so remote.

B City was huge; expanding outwards in circles.

Now, the city covered a vast area.

‘There were only second-hand houses in the city area.

New houses could be built only in even more remote places.

This new building was naturally in a more remote place.

As it was still being built, nobody went there often.

The people there were all construction workers.

However, at the time that He Zhengbai mentioned, even the construction workers would be resting.

Either they stayed in sample houses or they went out drinking.

Those staying in the sample houses would be resting after being exhausted from a whole days work.

There were also some who had brought their wives, so they would not go out drinking every day.

However, the single ones did not have this concern.

After their days work was finally over, it was boring being alone, so they would call their pals to go out and have fun..

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