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Chapter 2879: First Thing He Mentioned Was Killing Lu Qi

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“She doesnt know her place at all.

We have a whole family, and if our family is controlled by a little girl, wont we be mocked by people”

He Qingyang was very satisfied with what He Zhengbai said, so he nodded in agreement.

“Then what do you plan to do Tell us,” said He Qingyang.

“The matter of divorce cannot be controlled by her.

Having this b*tch in our familys account book for even one day is our familys shame,” said He Zhengbai.

“Obviously, we cant give her the money either.” He Zhengbai had a fierce expression.

“I feel that if I agreed to her conditions, given her greedy personality, she would definitely think that she is great and has taken control of our family.

“If we are threatened by her, its the same as surrendering.

We are surrendering to a stupid girl like her.

Compromising one time means there will definitely be a second time,” said He Zhengbai softly.

“Lu Qi is the daughter of Lu Qiyuan and Xia Qingyang; her parents are shameless in their own ways.


two people gave birth to a daughter, and the fruit will not fall far from the tree.

“So, there is only one way to deal with this kind of person who is greedy and relentless.” He Zhengbai raised his head and looked at He Qingyang and Yang Lin.

“That is, to kill them, and then everyone can be truly at ease.”

Yang Lin was dumbfounded.

She did not expect that the first thing that He Zhengbai would mention was killing Lu Qi!

No matter how bad Yang Lin was, she did not dare to think about that.

“This…” Yang Lin was a little terrified.

“This is not the olden days anymore.

In the past, investigative techniques and such were not as advanced as they are now.

If you killed someone back then, you could hide it easily.”

Besides, among the older generations, who had not killed people before

They all had.

Nobody was clean.

So Yang Lin was also not an angel.

‘When she heard He Zhengbai say this, she was not afraid of the act of killing, nor was she unable to bear it.

She was afraid of dealing with the consequences.

“If were found out…” said Yang Lin hesitantly, her voice becoming softer subconsciously.

“Besides, how are you going to do it If you do it yourself, its too risky.

“And if you hire other people to handle such an important task, its even riskier,” said Yang Lin.

“If those people are caught, they will betray you without hesitating.

“There was that person called Lian Qingyin.

She hired professionals not even to kill but only to create an accident.

However, she was still found out.

She… she was even killed by that organization.” Yang Lin still felt terrified just by thinking about it.

Lian Qingyins matter was not known by ordinary people, and nobody paid attention to it.

They all thought that an ordinary accident became a disaster.

But the He family had some connections; they knew clearly about the truth behind it.

They even knew how Lian Qingyin died.

They were also quite familiar with Black Market.

Back then, when they dealt with the Lu family, they had also asked Black Market for help.

Black Market even helped them escape successfully.

At first, they thought that Black Market was pretty dependable.

However, Lian Qingyin got into trouble unexpectedly.

After that, they felt that they could not depend on Black Market.

Not only did Black Market not complete Lian Qingyins task, but they even took Lian Qingyins life.

This was terrifying.

So they did not dare to anger them.

Nobody was more suited and more trustworthy than themselves.

“But we cant let Lu Qi be so arrogant anymore,” said He Zhengbai softly..

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