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Chapter 2877: Choose One

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“Impossible.” He Zhengbais face darkened.

“Lu Qi, dont demand an exorbitant price.

Theres no way I am giving you a hundred million.”

He Zhengbai took a deep breath and said with a face full of pain, “Fifty million.”

Lu Qi knew from the start that a hundred million would not be that easy to obtain.

However, this time, she was definitely not letting it go.

Ignoring the fact that this belonged to her, she had already lost a lot.

Her wanting a hundred million was her making it easy for the He family.

She still had to shoot movies, so she would need a lot of money.

She did not need the house anymore.

Lu Qiyuan went to prison, so that villa was empty.

It was under Lu Qiyuans name.

However, she was Lu Qiyuans daughter, so this villa would still belong to her in the future.

So she could go back there to stay now.

She could use this money to invest and shoot movies.

With this hundred million, she would not need to kill herself with exhaustion just to find a movie that would cast her.

However, since she had already invested, finding another female lead actress and giving her pay would be a waste.

It would be better to act herself.

Investing would not take a lot of money, but it would use close to half of it.

And if she was the one entering the crew with investments, she could definitely save a lot of money.

The rest could be kept for other investments.

Anyway, with money in her hand, she would not be worried.

According to what He Zhengbai had said, she would only get fifty million.

This bit of money would not be enough for anything!

Lu Qis face darkened and she sneered.

“He Zhengbai, are you trying to send a beggar away Fifty million Let me tell you, impossible!

“Thave already taken a step back regarding the second condition.

This time, I wont back off no matter what,” said Lu Qi.

“I youre not willing to give it, its fine.

Il give you another choice,” said Lu Qi.

He Zhengbai froze, knowing that Lu Qi would definitely not be so nice.

He frowned at her.

As expected, Lu Qi said, “You can choose to make me take a step back for either the second or the third condition.

If you choose the second condition, then you must agree that well divorce a day before you get married again and you will only need to give me fifty million for the third condition.

“If you dont agree to the second condition, then you will have to give me a hundred million for the third condition.

And you have to give the full amount before we divorce.

Or else, dont expect me to sign.” Lu Qi spread her arms.

“So, you choose.

If I have to back off, I can only take one step back and no more than that,” said Lu Qi.

He Zhengbai gritted his teeth.

He was not satisfied with both choices that Lu Qi had given him.

Divorcing a day before he would get married was extremely risky.

However, her asking him for a hundred million put him in agony.

Besides, this was not something that he could decide on his own.

The real heir of the He Family was his older brother.

He had to see whether his older brother would be willing to lose a hundred million just to send Lu Qi away.

Thinking about it, He Zhengbai also felt unwilling.

No matter what he did, as long as it was related to benefits, he had to go through his older brother.

Thats why hed been in a rush to find Sun Jingfei, someone with such great usefulness, or else he would have to seek his older brothers approval for everything.

This time, it became He Zhengbais excuse.

“The amount you want is too large, I cant decide on my own.

You know that my older brother is the heir of our family.

The hundred million that you want belongs to him.

He makes the call whether he wants to give it or not.”

Lu Qi did not even try to hide her scornful expression.

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