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Chapter 2872: Youre Really Crazy

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He Zhengbai went to grab Lu Qi.

“You, come out with me!”

“No!” Lu Qi raised her head.

“I wont! I will stay here and reveal all the dirty things you did! You dared to commit the acts, but youre afraid Ill spill the beans”

He Zhengbai glared with all his hatred.

Everything was going according to plan today, and Lu Qi just had to stir things up.

It was still a matter of debate whether he and Sun Jingfei could still carry on.

He might have been quite a playboy, but those were all flings who werent interested in developing a relationship with him.

And those who wished to do so, he didnt take a second look at.

Therefore, He Zhengbai went through much difficulty before finding Sun Jingfei, this gullible lady.

Or so he thought.

How unusual for a gullible woman like Sun Jingfei to come from the impressive Sun family, and she was even hoodwinked to the extent of nearly marrying him!

If he lost the foolish Sun Jingfei, where else could he find another suitable target

He Zhengbais eyes nearly popped from anger.

If only he could kill Lu Qi right now!

Marrying her brought him nothing good, and she even dragged him down to this point.

By this time, He Zhengbai had all but forgotten his past relationship with Lu Qi.

He pressed close to Lu Qi, almost brushing her ear.

Lowering his voice, he threatened, “Did you forget the photos are still with me”

Lu Qi tsked.

So what if she didnt have the photos

“Post them! Post them all you want! Well all just die together! If you dare post the photos, Ill tell everyone youre having an extra-marital affair! Well both lose face together! Dont even think about escaping!” Lu Qi had raised her voice.

“Stop spouting nonsense already!” He Zhengbai would never admit to this.

Especially in front of Sun Jingfei.

He Zhengbai thought he shouldnt be letting Lu Qi continue making a scene here and started dragging her outside.

“I wont go!” Lu Qi shouted, flailing about to hit He Zhengbai.

She hit his arms and scratched the back of his hands.

Yang Lin was furious and turned to the servants.

“What are you all waiting for Grab her already! Are you waiting for your young master to do it himself”

The servants were all watching, utterly amused, but they finally reacted when they heard Yang Lins words.

They rushed to catch Lu Qi.

Meanwhile, Lu Qis anger was through the roof, and her strength became exceptional.

But she was ultimately no match for He Zhengbai and the many helpers.

‘They were quickly separated.

Without further instructions, the helpers pulled Lu Qi out of the door.

He Zhengbai couldnt be bothered to explain further to Sun Jingfei before following Lu Qi out.

Even outside, Lu Qi could still shout.

She was not stupid.

Didnt they want her out

Thats fine!

In the house, its only a matter of the He family and Sun Jingfei knowing what He Zhengbai did.

But outside was different.

She could shout for all to hear.

He Zhengbai could only lose more face.

Lu Qi was more clearheaded than ever.

Hence, the moment she went out, she started yelling, “He Zhengbai, youre shameless! Your whole family is a shameless lot! Marrying in secret and trying to commit marriage fraud Sun Jingfei, you vixen! How did the Sun family raise you that youre even eager to become a third party for this bastard He


“Hes yet to divorce, and youre already thinking of marrying him Youre really crazy!” Lu Qi shouted at the top of her lungs..

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